Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WHo AM i?

My name is Linda and I’m a fashion addict… This is how my therapy would have looked like if hadn’t decided to finally create my very own blog. I am not a writer, a photographer nor am I a professional stylist. I am just a girl with a (obsession) passion for style, fashion and music.

Writing an ‘about me’ is never easy (even if I usually don’t really mind talking about myself) but it helps putting things in the right context so you would understand much better the meaning of this fashion diary.

I moved to Dubai in 2006, directly from Paris, the world’s capital of fashion, style and elegance… the place where everyday is a chance for a new crazy ‘rencontre’, new characters. Walking down the street is like being Alice in Wonderland! You never know if you are going to follow the white rabbit or end up face to face with the Queen of Heart… Quite exciting, isn’t it?

Although, I have no doubt about the fact that Dubai might be the one place with the most designer labels by square meter, something was missing…

I wondered to myself why this everyday excitement about fashion and style should be over now; I really believed that my city move was the end of exciting and eccentricity fashion life. Everything seemed to be so conformist and standardized… It appeared that there was neither unique style nor unconventional look: Everyone wears a (branded, labeled and expensive) uniform.

I have to admit that my vintage clothes were hiding deep in the dark corners of my wardrobe… how frustrating! And just like that, one day, I realized that Dubai, cosmopolitan and vibrant city, was certainly hiding some secret: genuine fashion freaks… I decided to get out there and look for them. At the end of day, the people make the city, not the monuments…

Now, you can Trust me I am no longer afraid to pull out and put on my vintage favorite doll dress!

For me, fashion is not only a passion but a state of mind.

I invite you to my world, my universe, my dreams… I hope you will enjoy.

I can’t wait to read your comments!!!!

Mademoiselle Lily
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