Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Petit Index Mode Vol.1

Well because sometimes I really feel like talking like an alien to my gal pals
“Have you seen the Fall Stella’s oversized? The studded biker Choo’s boots?? For winter I’m looking for the perfect snood matching my brogues?”
Huh??? I can see some of them looking at me with dubitative eyes…
For those how follow the conversation I imagine us sometimes being thrown one day in a kind of District 9 with other fashionaholic girls like us where we would all talk the same weird-robot-language only made of seasonal fashion terms… what a superficial nightmare…

Anyway to be understood by more people, would you be interested in having a quick description (lesson) on key season pieces?? I don’t hear you... so I take it as a yes! Soon you’ll finally all be talking like me youhouuu!!!

So once again let me put on my teacher glasses, throw your gum before entering the class, take back your seat and let’s start the course:

Today subject THE OVERSIZED Jacket (or 'boyfriend' blazer)

The blazer is often a key piece in a season wardrobe – this fall more than ever – I have in mind one of Stella McCartney A/W 2009 look with the model wearing an oversized blazer with nothing underneath with the already infamous stretch thigh-high-boots (I repeat myself but really one of my fav’ fall look) or in the same spirit the splendid YSL silhouette made of a more masculine and classic two-buttons jacket.
Stella McCartney A/W 09

Yves Saint Laurent A/W 09

To do it right though you have to choose the perfect one –
First of all budget: no need to burn out your credit card on that one (keep it for the IT-season killer heels for instance) – sure it has to be perfectly tailored, man cut… so before running to the first YSL shop why don't you see if you can find the treasure piece in your other-half closet?? He’s wearing suit jacket right? Try it on, rolled-up the sleeves a little and hop voila!
Yes it will probably be large on the shoulder but that is exactly how it is suppose to be - you’ll get used to it!!!!

Even if I agree that most label’s new collections range are offering plenty of attractive choice – many mainstream brands came up with pretty good options too (from 350 dhs to 800 dhs).

How to wear it?

Like the fabulous Caroline - Fashion editor from Stockholm -

This season is all about minimalist rock glam 80’s – you’ll choose it loose, with shoulder pads, below the waist (wear it long), ideally with double-crossed buttons.

You’ll want to associate it with a casual minimalist outfit – long and loose T-shirt underneath; the blazer wore as a mini-dress barelegs with a perfect trendy pair of boots!
For the more conservative ones, you can easily opt for the association blazer, casual shirt and leggings – all black bien sur! Chic trendy rock glam guarantied…

A demain

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Jean

Ever since i cut my hair it immediately made me think of someone but impossible to put a name on - until my sister told me all excited "OMG you got the Seberg hairstyle!!"

Voila Jean Seberg!! i always dreamt about it but never got the nerve to do it - I did many time the short bob, the fringe even the asymetric cut but never that short.

For the little story when i went to the hair dresser, i initialy went for a color! but looking at the hairdo magazines i couldn't resist to the idea of changing look - well small changes are not for me... i decided to go all the way.

Do it like a bOy

sorry for the pictures quality but they were taken with my phone...
i was just too excited to show you the new hairdo!

it looks perfect with my retro Clubmaster sunglasses...

Sunday, September 27, 2009


No better outfit to go to the movies on Saturday night.
Oversized sweater and boots
Bytheway, last pictures of me with long hair... tomorrow new hair style!!
Oversized Sweater Sandro / Black skinny pants H&M / Boots Vintage / Leopard Scarf Zara / Bag YSL

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boots Me Up

Marc Jacobs Fall09

A recent shopping trip with my gal pal inspired me today’s post subject – last Thursday I summoned my entourage to go with me on a trip to DM (Dubai Mall) find THE pair of high-knee-boots. Well i know it's a bit early to get them here, i know it's still 40 degrees outside but I dont care I want i want i want!

I know which one I’m gonna get already (the Chloe's and this time i wont wait too long like i did for the Susan's - still hurt) but still try few other option never hurt anyone right.

Anyway on our way there, one of my friend told me : ‘okay Lily I know high boots are in this winter but how can you possibly wear them without looking like Julia roberts in Pretty Woman??’

Hmm she is right though those boots are tricky, thin line between classy and trashy – careful girls don’t cross this line! Lets remain safe and study the subject before doing anything we might regret - first of all you have to choose between loose, tight, leather, nubuck, mat, glossy, heels, flat…

Anyway to help I compile few key AW looks – look carefully and get inspired!

Bold at Vanessa Bruno

Futurist for TopShop
One of my favorite Fall look - long stretch simply wear with a boyfriend jacket for Stella McCartney

Nude at Rodarte

In nubuck at Roberto Cavalli

Gothic and Dramatic at Rick Owens and Prada

Black and laced up
Or Graphic at Louis Vuitton

Laid back and very parisian in a harem pants at Isabelle Marant and Chloe

Chic a la Hermes

Graphic Monochrome at Gucci
Bare legs and loose at Isabelle Marant

Country side look at Chloe

Photos credit

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lily Dress Code in Grazia!

OMG I'm sooooo excited the first article about my blog! I still can't believe it!
First of all, a huge thanks* to all of you for following me, i receive everyday more and more messages, comments and it's just great!

Check out this week issue of Grazia to read the complete article.

Love - Lily

* A special thanks to K - well she knows why..... Hope it is just the beginning...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christopher Kane @TopShop

For the second time Christopher Kane collaborates with our fav’ Brit chain TopShop for a capsule collection.
Since Lagerfeld and the Swedish giant H&M, no one is surprised anymore to hear about hot designer and mass-distrib-fashion (so many the past years!)

They haven’t been all satisfying (I have in mind the disappointment of Comme des Garcons at H&M)
But it seems that Kane and TopShop is a successful affair!

The preview looks are more than promising and hot-trendy - rock-glam-80’s well exactly what we are looking for the upcoming season.
Metallic details – studded leggings – designer look dresses and for sure my next buy the Mesh-Platform shoes!
For those (like me) who couldn’t afford the so-wanted gorillas dress – Kane generously edited a (more affordable) crocodile version.

Available by End of September.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

10 Most Wanted Season Bags

(click to enlarge)

From left to right:

  1. Alexander McQueen Faithfull leather glove clutch
  2. Chloe Paraty bag
  3. Lanvin Quilted tote
  4. Proenza Schouler PS1 python large satchel
  5. Bottega Veneta clutch
  6. Balenciaga bag
  7. Marc Jacobs
  8. YSL Chain bag
  9. YSL tote with studs
  10. Marni bag

Photos credit /

Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Most Wanted Fall Runway Dresses

Nicolas Geusquiere for Balenciaga is all about print and drappery this fall

Evening lace for Stella McCartney

Geometrical lines at Jil Sander

Yellow velvet and hairdo at Marc Jacobs
Rich fabrics for Bottega Veneta

Long dress with leather biker jacket Haider Ackermann

Feather feather at Givenchy

Floral for Fall at Erdem

Leather total look for Dries Van Noten

Disco dress at Balmain

Photos credit
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