Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lazy Lazy

Before jumping in the plane direction.... holidays!!!

A quick 'photos du jour' series, summer afternoon, lazy on the couch...

I will try to keep on writing to you from my secret exotic destination as mush as possible and maybe snap some local cool looks.

Ciao and have a great summer break everyone!

Flower dress Zara / T-shirt Sandro / Wedges shoes C. Louboutin / Nail polish Sephora Groseille

Graffiti BiS

Graffiti wall in Morocco,
I luv the blue klein color of the wall and door.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Street art is everywhere





My home wall

Denim shirt Sandro / Short Topshop / Biker boots Vintage

Monday, July 27, 2009

Art In Progress

We all heard (too) many times fellow compatriots during social-diner conversation complaining about the lack of culture in Dubai.
“Don't you miss going to the museum… hahaha ” (posh voice) even though back home I was more visiting my own temple of art named Galleries Lafayette than Musee du Louvre yet they were often great exhibitions preview, new contemporary gallery opening or artist retrospective to attend.

My first years in Dubai I was still innocent, young and fresh, determine to learn all about the local talents and art scene which cause me to get lost at least 1,285 times in al Quoz arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

In fact what we are missing here is not culture but the unconditional expression form of it, the true side, the controversy, the rough beauty of a piece-of-art without glamourous glitter.

No art crush so far - however more and more confident in the future with the global enthusiasm felt during recent events like Art Dubai or Film Festival.
Wow people do care about art??? Of course they do I was just not in the inner circle that’s all… means that art here is not for large mainstream public but for a few elected persons? Well kind of… open any issue of Mondanite magazine go the page ‘event’ search for exhibition launch and look… pfff ‘(way overdressed) socialites faces again!’ (noooooo please at Missoni new boutique opening okay acceptable but here seriously) they look more interested in having there portraits taken than the ones hanging on the walls. Then after cocktail-and-free-canapés night, what’s left? Empty galleries again…

Anyhow that’s not the subject; I just wanted to share with you something I did last Saturday while trying to avoid shopping malls. I decided to finally go check out the art galleries @DIFC gate (okay okay to tell you the truth I was going to Villa Moda and randomly bump into those galleries).
Well not bad at all, a few of them even good!

The one that surprises me the most I would say was ‘The Empty Quarter’ specialist in Fine Art Photography from all around the world (1st photography dedicated gallery in the Middle-East). Showcasing among many some stunning pieces by Jeanloup Sieff for Harper’s Bazaar 1964, better yet a minimalist series called ‘Wire’ by two young talented contemporary artists from Philippines to name a few.
Don’t be afraid to chat a little with the creative in charge, he might show you some kept treasure… Watch this space!

The Empty Quarter
Gate Village,
Bldg 02

Keep looking culture is everywhere…

Bye mes cheris!

Photo credits The Empty Quarter official website

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today is a big SOS message I’m sending across…

Don’t get all confused with the title – I’m not talking about food here I gave up this idea of food dieting a long time ago…

No in fact I decided to start a shopping diet couple of weeks ago and I have to say that it’s not going well at all…

1. Objective cupboard slim fast program = FAILED

First of all, I blame it on my girl friend (luv u sorry) second on promotional sms I receive everyday and third on Dubai weather: first coz there is always one of them to ask innocently if I can come with her for a quick after work trip to mall of the emirates ‘pleeeeease I don’t know if I should get the blue or the red dress you have to help me’ (cruel how can i say no) worst the 85% off alert at Boutique 1 re-forwarded by a friend along with a note ‘meet me there in one hour!’ (are u kidding me) finally the weather coz man what else can I do beside shopping under AirCon on a Saturday afternoon with 41 degrees outside??

Oh oh I almost forgot the bloody summer special discount all over the place chasing me and my wallet like vultures i swear i should take pictures of all the shops windows 'Sale or further discount' 'come to the devil' sign as i like to call them
soon to drag you inside they will stick glittering narrows on the floor pointing to the door direction!! insane
Well they now that as soon as you're inside you're trap who can resist to 85% off for god sake?????

Result: this month a new Sandro pants + 1 Topshop short+dress + 2 new swimsuit + 3 Zara T-shirts + 1 jumpsuit + new pair of Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses + Chloe clutch + new Bobbi Brown bronzer + 1 Martin Margiela ring etc etc etc…

(are u sure this month was only 31 days???)

Total = ……,.... dhs = 24 kilos
Account balance: minus….. dhs and 50 fils grrrrrrrrr

Next month for sure I’ll be more careful, well at least I’ll try to implement a safety perimeter around each mall or change my mobile number

Anyway girls if you hear me please don’t invite me for shopping trip anymore it hurts!!!
Let’s go for goss coffee instead and huh huh not in Dubai mall i beg you…

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Jogging pants or anything else comfy are my new obsession, it is 100 degrees outside so there is no way i put a feet in a jeans... short yeeeeees long noooooooo

The only tight outfit i could think of wearing right now is a bathsuit!
Gosh it's hot outside!!!

I got this Sandro pants the other day -50% off at Galeries Lafayette (Dubai Mall)

Pants Sandro / T-Shirt and Shoes Zara / Sunglasses TopShop / Bracelet Hermes /
Silver bow broche H&M

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Walk on the wild side

Christopher Kane Spring 09 RTW collection

I can’t explain I just love them, mix of violence, wild beauty and fashion… totally Planet of the Apes and more original than the basic season must have leopard print.

I’m spotting those Christopher Kane gorilla’s printed T-shirt dresses on for quite some time now.

Totally Rock Glam with a pair of leggings and buckled boots.

Photos credit

Monday, July 20, 2009

Off White

Dress Crispin&Basilio / Waistcoat and shoes Zara (now on sale) / Lion Pendant Boutique 1 / Bag YSL / Ring De Beers Talisman collection / Watch Ebel Brasilia

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ticket to Ride

Those days with the heat, the holidays approaching etc etc… I don’t feel like wearing anything else than this loose light short jumpsuit and drink ice latte all day long like water!

I like the symbolic of myself only in an empty trolley wearing only discounted clothes instead of all the heavy shopping bags I normaly carry around... my shopping diet is going well... so far...
Those sandals are my new summer fav’ I spotted them months back but finally bought them on sale, I liked also the heels version but flats are much more comfy to play around in parking undergrounds…

Jumpsuit Women's Secret (dhs 75 now on sale) / Sandals Zara (dhs 150 on sale) / Bracelets Hermes / Watch Ebel Brasilia / Bag Barbara Bui / Necklace H&M

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Dress Zara (now on sale) / Shoes New Look / Sunglasses RayBan Wayfarer / Bow Hairclip H&M

Thursday, July 9, 2009

La Tete Haute

Christian Lacroix Haute Couture collection Fall 2009

Curtain down, the famous French couture house Christian Lacroix might be shut down at the end of this month because of financial difficulties however the designer certainly did not say his last words yet.

A couture show were finally put together at the last minute “we’re are set as clock, said the designer, for us July is Haute Couture and it can not be otherwise, I couldn’t let my couturiere wait at the atelier for the final decision”.
With the help of the designer’s loyal seamstresses, embroiderers, who worked courageously until the end with the constraints of delivering an haute couture show at the lowest costs possible (the models were paid only $50 each).
With a compromise future, Lacroix wanted to end with proud showing that no finance constraints can affect his art.

An emotional and poignant show that ended up in tears and standing ovation for a genius who brought a lot to fashion. With Lacroix it doesn’t matter if you like his eccentric and colorful style the only thing that matter is his unanimity recognition by the professional and public, as one of the most respected and appreciated designer.
The whole fashion community attended the show with emotion to support one of them in those difficult time.

Only 24 looks were presented due to lack of budget and time, some pieces were even brought back from the archive and harmoniously combine with the new season looks. A collection reflecting the core value of the house with sobriety and humility. The essence of a style without the extravagance of the last few years. The legacy of a man and a talent.

The epilogue of the story should be known very shortly meanwhile I feel sad that reality hits my dream world…

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SS 10 Trends Review

Transparency at Dior Homme

I Told you guys that i would make it easy for you, no need to ask around anymore or try to find an updated GQ mag. copy.

Here a short review on next year Spring-Summer season trends spotted on Paris and Milan runaways shows:


Yves Saint Laurent / Lanvin / Alexis Mabille


Dior Homme / Prada / Dior Homme

Short Suit

Lanvin / Yves Saint Laurent / Jil Sander

Rain Coat

Dries Van Noten / Moncler / Louis Vuitton


Versace / John Galliano


Bottega Veneta / Salvatore Ferragamo / Lanvin


Givenchy / Louis Vuitton / Kris Van Assche


YSL / Moschino / Paul Smith


Lanvin / Paul Smith

Photos credit Men

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