Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beauty Creatures

I realize that I reveal a large part of my life on this blog, wasn’t my intention when I started it but finally it’s tough not to involve myself. Gosh! It must be boring for you guys… you get to see me me me me me and again ME everyday!
I swear I’m not that egocentric!! I like to (gossip) talk about other people as well, today for instance, I was looking at those pictures that I’ve taken of my very good friend, and I ended up unconsciously smiling front of my screen… so let me tell you about her a little…for a change. Trust me it's worth it - She is a special kind!

My friend belongs to this category of woman that will look very feminine and sexy in a simple bathrobe. She is naturally gorgeous!
I’ve always admired her way to play zero fear with her sex appeal.

She has an efficient fashion philosophy: “I wear only outfits that make me look good or sexy, if something is in fashion but doesn’t suit my body type; well I prefer not to wear it”! Damn right I should meditate on that!!!

The first time I opened her wardrobe, well it left me a little bit perplex, full of body-con dresses, skirt, ultra slim pants, leather pants, tight jeans, monochrome, clean tight cuts, hanged by colors, only high heels (flats only for the day) etc…very structured, very mature, nothing too trendy-crazy too show-off (she is too cool for that) yet very ‘a la mode’, I have to say it does work perfectly for her!

She will always make sure to have the perfect bag matching her shoes, lipstick, hair clip, watch etc… I love this attention to details! It changes from my completely messy punkys looks!! More than 2 matching stuff and I’m close to a nervous breakdown…

She taught me how to walk across a crowed restaurant looking confident and sexy, yelled at me when my nails are not done (happens a lot!), well she simply makes me feel prettier…

You’re sexy girl!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The revival of the one-piece swimsuit

There is a gap between trends set on the catwalks and street reality.

During fashion weeks, you see fashion-professionals around the world walking around with those super super-high heels, geometric-structured vest, feather jacket etc etc… but what about ‘normal’ people?

For instance the large shoulders thingy, alright we know it’s in fashion right now but how many people can really wear that? I mean in real life? Do you actually see yourself go to a meeting wearing a volume-robot shoulder vest??? Humm I don’t think so…

Sorry let’s go back to the subject of the day: The return of the one-piece swimsuit.

The come back this summer was predicted for months, and we’ve spotted fabulous models on designer’s SS collection… but I did not really pay attention to it coz i was sure that nobody like them anymore, too Baywatch!!! We’re all traumatized by the red-Pam Andersonish-90’s one. So I thought it would be seen only on catwalks and pass…

Well I was wrong, while I was hunting for a killer-body-bikini; you know the kind of bikini that magically transforms your body, magically slimmer your waist, your belly, gives you the perfect little Brazilian butt … (??? Huh I can hear what you think)

Anyway, I tried couple of shops to finally realize that the assortment was 50/50 two pieces/one piece swimsuit…

Those 'Couture' pieces for instance, state-of-the-art of the swimwear... wow!

When you look at those gorgeous basics model from AA (American apparel), I personally found them more feminine, more detailed than a basic triangle bikini, different way to strap it around the neck or strapless, patterns, close/open back etc…
it makes you change your mind!

They are basics, extremely well cut and the colors are just right and funky.
Hop with the right accessories, a skirt/short… I would not only wear them to go to the pool!
Just too bad for the belly tan…

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today no words just a serie of photos...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love Affair

Chloe and I is already a long love story but with the shoes is most probably the longer relationship I ever had so far.

And when I see those heels, it makes me want to immediately take my car, grab my purse, run into the boutique and shoot my credit card over the cashier faster than Calamity Jane!

Simply gorgeous, chic, feminine… they have everything the right nude color, right heels high for hectic urban life and the fabulous IT-bows.

To be associated with a mini-short and blazer the day or a fabulous evening dress at night …

The second crush is on a pair from my dear Christian, ah Christian... oh yes once again... but look at those Louboutin, come 'on who could resist... everything is perfect, sexy, juicy.... no need to talk they talk by themself!
Between my two lovers I have to choose... HELP!! I want them both!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MeA CulpA

I luv Marie's bag!! and jewellery (her own creation!)
I owe a huge apology to some people, no actually to one person in particular, sometimes it feels good to admit when you’re wrong… voila Sorry!!

Wow! The whole new me is impressive: going to the gym, apologizing, decreasing her daily sugar consumption, spending less… I start to like the improve 09 version!

If you remember last time I said bad stuff about H&M decision maker, well understand I was frustrated… I kind of feel bad right now coz I randomly met of one then last week and he simply saved my (fashion) life!

Last Thursday, one of the absolutely ‘no-matter-what’ wanted pieces I spotted from MW’s collection was immediately sold out (Damn I arrived at 10.12am!!!); I was completely devastated, wet eyes I was desperately asking the staff if they did not forget one piece in the storage room by mistake… pfff pathetic!
Until I heard this voice towards me: “you seem like a real fan and a loyal customer, let me see what I can do for you… MIRACLE!

I can’t give you more details, Shuuuttt it’s a secret but I’ll just tell you that day someone made a young fashionista girl very very happy!!!

Thanks a million and believe me I don’t hate you anymore!

My friends proudly leaving H&M store last Thursday with their MW collectors buys.

By the way, finally i was right, i wasn't ready to put 1,200dhs on an H&M leather jacket... maybe next time... I will try to show you very soon my finds in next 'Today's outfit' session

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Since the first sunlight appeared in the sky (or first sand storm) I see life in Technicolor!

It is summer!! Bon ok also synonym for the Dubaiote of heat, sweat, A/c, indoor, humidity etc… whatever summer in fashion means color, same rule apply on beauty!

For all my pal who each time they go to a nail salon, try to convince themselves on their way “ this time I’ll try something different!!” and ended up with a neutral French manicure coz you’re not sure about the colors trends and none of the ‘nail specialists’ could help you…
Here you go the new S/S Essie nail polish collection, splash of coral for an active day, romantic pastel pink, electric blue for evening glitter and sensual red!

You'll find the perfect Spring-summer nail polish set at the Nail Spa (Garhoud or newly opened Dubai Mall), 4 of the season IT colors on a mini format, perfect to slip in your handbag for a quick fix.

No excuse anymore for boring hands!
100dhs only the set of 4 mini Essie nail polish.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Denim Thing…

One of the numerous London finds that I never got the chance to show you yet, my bleach.

I was looking for a ‘Balmain’ Bleach pair of jeans, for months, not the destroy type but more the clean one version that I could wear everyday.

Unfortunately I still can not parade at work dressed like last month Vogue cover… if you actually don’t work with Karl himself nobody gets you...

Bon let’s go back to my bleach jeans, I found it at the marvelous TopShop HQ (Oxford Street). So far I have to say that I already wore it on several occasions (and believe me I usually don’t often wear twice the same outfit… Non not by snobbism but only coz my wardrobe is too messy and full to find anything twice).

Anyway, I’ve tried the blazer/ high heels, the gladiator sandals /white shirt or flats/Tees… which actually works pretty well!!

Jeans TopShop / T-Shirt & pendant Isabelle Marant / Sandals Zara / Glasses D&G

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Casual(ties)

Another fresh-trendy look Miss Lily pulled out just for you before the week end, a special casual Thursday outfit!

It's also one way to wear some IT-pieces of the season: the boyfriend (again!), gladiator strap heels (python even better!), the nude (which, even Me color addict, i really start to appreciate) but had to spend some hours at the beach begging the UVs to look at me before even consider the nude… a perfecto cut jacket (humm maybe the Williamson for H&M one) would have been the perfect item to cloture this outfit but believe me was toooooo hot outside… yes yes guys I kinda put myself out there for you!!

And oooh again a HUGE thanks to everybody who joined my newly created FB group, for your support messages and to those who regularly read my tribulations… okay so far it's mainly my family and friends ;-) but still thank you you’re all amazing!

And oooh oh out of context but I’m sooooo proud that I have to share with you, yesterday I finally went to the gym, first time since my new year’s resolution! Pffff what it’s already May… better late than never non!!! I'm going again tonight..

And come ‘on, don’t be shy to leave comments it keeps me going!!

Allez bye mes cheris et bon week end

Top Rebeca Taylor / Jeans H&M / Pendant French Factory / Shoes New Look

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Sorry guys today i'm in a rush, i'm very very late on pretty much everything i have to do.. really gotta go now.
But because i really love you i will at least show you my look of the day (the least i can do right), so enjoy the photos and see you tomorrow!

Bon Ok to be honnest i didn't have much to say about my today's outfit as well so...

T-Shirt Graniph japonese design co (great concept store in DFC) / Pants H&M / Belt Vintage Portobello market / Shoes New Look (109 dhs on sale!!)
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