Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Details of the day

Today is all about details, attention to details to finish off an outfit.

Strong shoulders, red roses, lace and dots....

My friend Marie made for me this red roses head band, she hand-made beautiful jewelry and accessories, she is launching her own label, remember this name i'm telling you she is super-talented and creative... I'll tell you all about her soon...

Monday, December 28, 2009

24th of Dec.

Sorry guys for the long unoticed absence but i'm actually bloging right now from a coffee terrace in Morocco... between the packing, last minute shopping didn't have time to keep you updated.

Happy holidays everyone!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In the subway*

Everytime i go to Mall of the Emirates now i take the metro, it's my little ritual... i love it, watching people taking photos souvenir, having fun, people asking me if i ever 'try' it, the latest entertainment.
It feels so new over here, love that feeling... funny huh especially when i remember in Paris taking it mecanically every single morning running late to the office not even looking once out the window but only at my watch 9.37am shit!!... it wasn't entertaining AT ALL...

Another subject, i finally sorted out my vacations, i'm such a lousy planner.... i can't wait to go away for a while.

* the metro was recently launched in Dubai.

Leather legging and glasses Urban Outfitter / Sweater H&M / Scarf and bracelet Jimmy Choo by H&M / bag YSL / Flats Zara

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Denim shirt

I mix denim shirt with everything it's just so casual-cool-laid back... easy quoi!
here with a high-waist pants but also done it with a high-waist body con skirt and boots.
This one is from H&M, perfectly washed away, perfect fit, nice details.

Shirt H&M / Pants Zara / Bracelet Hermes / Boots Chloe

Monday, December 21, 2009

Outfit of the Day

Last week i received tons of photos of Paris under the snow, just beautiful... I still didn't sort things out for the holidays vacation, but I'm really tempted by the snow...

Today's outfit is black, grey, silver, leather and a touch of fur; my season must sorry but i can't help it!!

Clockwise: Fur and leather Jacket Phi / cut-out Dress Camila and Marc / suede wedges Acne / chains necklace Giles & brother / leather gloves Phi / bucket bag Alexander Wang (most probably my next buy!!)

Ciao bisous

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rain, Boots and Red Lipstick

These picures have been taken last Friday, it was raining outside, perfect day to wear my thigh-high-boots... i've been checking out the window every morning since December 1st expecting to see grey sky or rain, not for the nature or the plant but to finally pull those babies out of their box... Yep in my world rain = boots, as simple as that.

Jacket Elie Tahari / Shirt Zara / Short H&M / Boots Brian Atwood / Scarf Jimmy Choo for H&M / Bag YSL / Lipstick Lancome

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No wonder why Italian girls are sexy…

‘Fashion emergency, call me back ASAP!!’

Nothing superficial about having fashion emergencies, women are full of different kind of emergencies: chocolate cravings, shopping, sushi, candy, new pair of shoes etc etc…

Anyways that’s not the subject, when I received this sms from my friend, I knew it was serious, well she is usually very very efficient, the kind of friend that always has the good tip; she is my ‘huggy bear’* quoi!!

Ah oui small detail I forgot to tell you about my friend, she is a shoe freak… not the kind that claim to be one coz she owes a pair of Loubs, not the kind of shoe freak we are all, no no she is a specialist, an expert, she is the CSI of shoe!!

So I immediately called her back; ‘Lily you won’t believe it!!’ What what what??? ‘Guess who is in town??’ Who?? Mick Jagger? Prince ? Oscar (De la renta) ? I know Kaaaaaaarl???
‘Non Gianni!!’ huh darling sorry but Gianni… ‘Non non blondie Gianni Renzi!!!!’

Long silence…

Her: ‘You don’t know who Gianni Renzi is! pfff and you claim yourself a shoe addict..’
Me: Okay okay no need to be mean…
- ‘Gianni, the designer of Gianmarco Lorenzi
- hmmm it does ring a bell... (???)
- Anyway, he is THE Italian shoe designer, soooo sexy, I love I love I love!!

And AGAIN she was right…Gianmarco Lorenzi is THE Italian luxury creative shoe brand and every sexy trendy Italians are crazy about him!!

When you see his collection no wonder anymore why Italian girls are so sexy!!

If you are bigger shoe addict than Iam and you already owe a pair, run tonight to Galleries Lafayette (Dubai Mall) as Gianni himself will be there to sign your pair from 5pm to 8pm.
Or if you think about finally investing in one, there will be 50% discount on all Fall/Winter models during those 3 hours!!

Be your friends Huggy Bear and spread the word...

Bisous et bon shopping

A demain!!


* Huggy les-bons-tuyaux de la serie Starsky & Hutch pour les frenchies

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Splurge or on a Budget

Statement jewelry are the best way to glam up a simple outfit, an evening dress, a white shirt, a jumpsuit etc etc...You must have seen already this season necklace from Marni, I have been looking at it for months to finally recently found and bought the perfect replica from Aldo.
Tag price = AED 70 vs. AED 3,800
Ok the finition and quality have nothing to do with the original but neither the price!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Neutral Palette

This winter neutral inspires me; brown, beige, caramel, kaki, marron etc... it give you the best warmth feeling when it's dark and gloomy outside, soon i'll wish to have a fireplace in my appartment...
I wore this outfit the day of the sandstorm, couple of days ago, i know still the Chloe boots but told you they were literally stuck on my feet. They are just to easy to match and soooooo comfy. My other pairs are getting jalous...

Have a wonderful week end, bisous xxx
One more thing: again a HUGE thank you for the sweet emails i receive everyday!!! i know many of you are too shy :-) to leave comments but that's okay as long as you keep visiting!! love u...

The 2 photographs mounted on aluminum frame are from the talented moroccan artist Deborah Benzaquem.

Leather jacket Vintage / Pants & shirt Zara / Boots Chloe / Bracelet Hermes / Glasses D&G / Leather chair The One

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sartori Sartori arrives in Galleries Lafayette

If you love fashion and read magazines you must have heard about this new hot local brand in town called Sartori Sartori.

I'm very proud to say that my dear friend Debi Simcox is behind it, she is the creative designer. What I never told you about my friend Debi?? I really have to tell you everything about her soon, she deserves a whole post about herself, she's just fabulous!!!

Anyway, I let you imagine how excited I was when she told me that Galleries Lafayette will be launching the latest Sartori Sartori collection!

Now i let you imagine my reaction when she asked me to model for the launch event... Meeeee??? huh are you sure????????? Me walking straight on a runway front of a strangers in super-high-heels...???
Then she corrected me: ' i know babe you'd be perfect for it but huh it's not a catwalk show, for catwalk i called pro model... it's a showcase of the clothing line anyway you'll be fabulous! '

huh huh fair enough... anyway I didn't hesitate long, 'of course i'll do it!!'

I just adore her work, seriously the evening dresses are to die for!!!

Enough exclamation point, guys if you would like to attend this fabulous exclusive event tomorrow, check out the latest SS line, meet the wonderful designer and make fun of me doing whatever i'll be doing... send an email to to get an invitation.

hope to see you tomorrow and wish me good luck!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Green: next generation trendy color


With the opening of Copenhagen climate summit, a special editorial calling for action from world leaders is simultaneously published in front cover of 56 newspapers in 45 countries.

The UAE based newspaper Gulf News has joined the cause with today’s front cover dedicated to the climate issue subject.

“Today 56 newspapers in 45 countries take the unprecedented step of speaking with one voice through a common editorial. We do so because humanity faces a profound emergency.”

Read here the entire article

Such media action has never been done before, it will certainly be seen by many as coordinated PR or global media manipulation but still It is a global issue and it's time to limit the damage caused - we are all concerned and small independent act can make a difference…

Thanks for reading

Belle en Rykiel

Believe me or not but when i entered H&M shop i completely forgot that it was the launch day of the Sonia Rykiel for H&M underwear collection.
I said believe me or not!!

A few beautiful pieces actually like a 'late 90's purple Jean-Paul-Gaultier-satin-corset-style' (my fav), funky slippers, satin robes, jewelry bows... a Rykiel definitively inspired by the late 50's pin-up, very vintage look (Dita will love it!)... i didn't go crazy though...
1. because i wasn't in the mood the spend hours in the fitting room 2. it was late, many pieces/sizes were already sold out 3. i was with O. (that's actually the only reason..)
I decided to go for the 'collector piece' which is for me the famous Rykiel signature multicolor stripes matching ensemble...
Can't wait to see the ready-to-wear collection including signature wool dresses - Rendez-vous en Fevrier!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dress Up your Wrist

Those cuff are from Dries Van Noten, i spotted them while checking out the boutique in DIFC Gate Village, by the way if you never had the chance to go you definitively have to... (+ all Villa Moda boutiques are 60% off right now!!!)
It will glam up any favorite simple LBD for the perfect evening look.
This one is in gold they have it in black too.
I love the material, the size (about 15cm high), the zip... i love opulent jewelry!

I warn you they are a little pricey, starts from AED 1,500 up to 2, 300 each (for the one below). I guess i will be looking for the perfect cheaper look-a-like option!

Gosh i love Dries Van Noten!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


C'mon that's torture! How can we resist??

Chloe is definitively getting is mojo back!! This season 'Catlyn' and 'Ashton' boots or again 'Marlow' and 'Sally' bags to name a few are on every fashionistas wish list but that's not enough for Hannah McGibbon. She is now recidiving with an exclusive limited edition line in collaboration with the prestigious jewelry house Van Cleef and Arpels.

Pure, feminine, sensual, precious... a jewelry bag

Out of 30 evening bags launched worldwide, 4 only will be available in Dubai. I said exclusive earlier no kidding huh!

I wasn't expecting less from thoses 2 creatives luxury houses though; the finest materials, pure designs, reinterpretation of elegance and sophistication (i really have to stop watching Mad Men, i sound like an old late 60's advertising!)
Python, yellow gold, mother of pearl, handle decorated with famous Alhambra collection motifs. Chicissime!
Voila to sum up, fabulous again, so if your wallet allow you to splurge just go for it!

This bracelet is totally my style, love love love it!!!
AED 6,250 in silver / 6,800 in gold
could be the perfect X-mas present!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


We stopped to take pictures the other night on our way to a new restaurant pre-opening tasting called Nozomi (which means 'hope' in Japanese, its also the name of the fastest train in Japan, anyways i loved the name!!) - yes yes another Zuma/Okku style in town with an extra spectacular terrace view... I'm personally tired of fusion cuisine, i feel like leaving on raw stuff, i want real food!!!
Then clubbing at I2 for the first 'French 80's night' ... They played tubes i haven't heard for 20 years!! Did not know we will be ending up there but seriously my outfit was perfect for an 80's night... Was fun we jumped and sang like little kids...

Vintage leather, brogues, leopard print and dramatic eyes...

Vintage leather short / Bebe shirt /Jacket Elie Tahari / Scarf & shoes Jimmy Choo for H&M / Men watch Baume&Mercier / Jewelry from all over the place
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