Monday, March 23, 2009

Beach Party

With the risk to disappoint you, I am not what we call a ‘party girl’ at all; I’m not rushing into Dubai’s hype clubs every week end, certainly not!! Sorry…

But this week end, it was a friend birthday, so exceptionally I end up in a kind of ‘bling bling’ beach party (yes I know what you gonna say…).

Fair enough, devoted as always, I decided to take the most out of it and investigate in Dubai beach dress code…don’t be scared, it wasn’t that bad.
I was surprised by the girls really at ease in all type of clothes, seems like they live without any complex. I kind of looked like a nun that day, pulling on my skirt all the time to make sure it wasn’t too short pff…
I spotted some very nice simple look: animal print cotton dress waist-belted, floral summer dress, fuchsia top, shorts, loose t-shirts, silver sandals… and some other very ‘dubai’ like evening silky dress and louboutin plateform heels yes yes on the beach…

I will let you judge by yourself…


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Summer Afternoon

A summer afternoon in the countryside.
Nap time, everybody is asleep. The temperature is high, humid, a strong smell of honey in the air and the tic tac of an old clock.
In the garage, grandma old memories box, a dusty old sugar box where she used to keep all her precious antiques belongings: buttons, postcard of Paris, agenda, pearl necklace, a pair of cufflinks, keys, hand written love letters and four old photographs, one is cut into half, at the back is written a date 'April 1968'…

Top Paul&Joe / Pants Sandro / Wedges Shoes Sergio Rossi / Capeline hat Vintage

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Once upon a time
A little girl walking down the street
Decided to take a sweet nap in the shadow
Saw a beautiful green apple fallen from a tree
Never saw such a wonderful apple tree in this country
Wanted to taste the exquisite fruit
Delicately ate the green apple but didn’t know it was poisoned…

Dress Paul&Joe / Top vintage / Shoes Repetto / Bag Vintage / Sunglasses chloe

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miroir Oh Miroir

Every morning, same ritual, same rush, same mobile snoozing and when I say every, I mean every single one!!

First of all, to put things in the right context, I am not what we can call a morning person, not that I’m mourning or yelling at anything alive, no just that I have hard time to wake up or at least look fresh… (Try to picture me with my cup of coffee under the shower…)

Leaving on time, looking fresh and good is one of my biggest challenge of the day.

You know; not having the black luggage under your eyes evidences of a short night or the pillow mark in your cheek… doesn’t look very chic isn’t…

Taking into consideration a major factor: the lack of time!!
Why time can not pass that quickly between 3pm and 6pm???
Someone can explain to me why 1 morning minute seems equivalent to 10 minutes daytime???

The Make-Up step:
Before I could easily afford to escape it I was just fine with my daily moisturizer, feeling sad for my other pal waking up at 6.30am and spending fortune on cream, lotion, exfoliant, mask, foundation, mascara, liner and other chemical torture. Probably another male invention to keep us busy and QUIET.

But now…I did the ‘no make up’ thing ones and only one time during the last couple of months, and I remember the freezing general chorus when I entered the office, first by the receptionist, then my two colleagues and finally my FedEx guy (!): ‘Are you alright darling? You look pale…’ ggrrrrrr I might live in Dubai now, have the sun everyday... well sorry but I don’t like the sun, tanning or any of those stuff. I'm pale!!! So ‘no make-up day’ PLUS JAMAIS!!

And oh by the way, do you have also an enemy-mirror, the one you try to avoid in every possible manner, the one you know you never look good in it, the one that give you the worst pale-old face ever… well mine is my car mirror! I even considered changing car because of this bloody kill-confidence-mirror but I realized that it was maybe a tiny bit too extreme…

Enough is enough I need to find the quick, perfect and quick solution to leave the house on time, looking fresh and good; yes the new fresh/ natural look. Means put make up without nobody founding out. Mesdames, after the effortlessly chic, the effortlessly beautiful!

In the morning, I have 4 mins chrono not one more not one less for the make-up step. So I have to be very pragmatic, only use the essential and the stuff that really works.

I have always been scared of foundation, traumatized by my old auntie and her geisha face or my friend Sophie with her cover-pimple-too-dark one.

Until one day, killing time at the duty free (only place I can buy cosmetics big beauty stores always scared me), buying my 12,356 tubes of Touche Éclat (dark-circle-eye killer), when I discovered my new life hero: the miracle YSL Radiant Touch base with incorporated brush… no no it's not just a gadget ,it is very useful, think about it: no brown mark on the fingers anymore!!
I remembered it from a female magazine, i loved the gold top.
Second best make-up invention after Touche Éclat and Terracotta. I tell you not an invention a revolution!

Nothing to do with the old fashion foundation, no I talking about the uncolored liquid one that just give you wonderful sheer, luminous finishing (wow!) and radiant éclat. Add to an anti-dark circle eye, little touch of rose blush on the cheeks, light shadow in my eyes, petit peu de mascara and light gloss. Et Voila I look straight fallen from the Swedish mountains…

Foundation you got me!

A demain (if I wake up on time)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Beat it

There are some outfits that transport you in a certain mood or period…They are like time machines!
Feel girly in skirt/high heels and audacious in glam rock style…

For example this jacket, well when I wear this jacket, it makes wanna dance! I’m serious guys. Not dance on any kind of music, no on Michael Jackson type of music... Beat it beat it tatatata ta ta (can you hear it too?)

Does it happen to you as well? The thing is my imagination is no limit… almost everything reminds me something, a smell, a feeling, an object, a character, a place….

That’s why I couldn’t help but put my mp3 player on, dance and jump on the street… People were kind of looking at me weird but eh who cares!!

Beat it beat it nananana beat it beat it…

Tomorrow Donna Summer hair do!

Bonne journee

Jacket H&M / T-Shirt Sandro / Harem Pants TopShop / Shoes Stuart Weitzman / Bag YSL / Headphone Sennheiser

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have to say: it was about time!

While the Paris Fashion week is getting to an end, I was holding my breath waiting for the big day to come: The Chloe fashion show!

I'm a little bit excited and I couldn't wait any longer to share that with you!
Since my first fashion (financial) independence, I’ve always been a loyal lover of the brand, in particular (as many of us) of the Phoebe Philo (post Stella McCartney) era.
Every collection she designed was, for me, pure magic, pure fun, 100% fashion joy. Simple, accessible, understandable.
Not even mentioning the footwear; oh my sweet little Chloe pairs of shoes… well I used to desire them all!

Mix of feminine, fragility, chic fresh… pure neo-romantic style.
Perfect representation of the little Parisian girl! :-)

All of a sudden, pfff gone, Phoebe Philo, Chloe and my desire….

I have been waiting for couple of collections to see the enthusiasm back. After the succession of designers an disappointment, Hannah Mac Gibbon seems to finally take control of the operation, more and more in line with the core image of the brand and her status of artistic director of the house.

For the review, the last FW09 collection is overall very efficient, slightly eighties, ‘easy glamour’ (what Chloe has been missing for a while), high-waisted fluid pants, wrapped belts, blouse/maxi short, kaki, beige for the day. Perfect next winter season silhouette!

A little bit more ‘eccentric’ and sophisticated for the eveningwear with a (wonderful) black velvet combi (love this look) and others dark green velvet pants for the ‘semi-casual’ note. The final was more silky delicate, with mousseline, nude color with this stylish association of a long mousseline skirt with a blazer (heaven!!)

A big warning on the thigh-high pirates boots, laced boots and high-multi lace sandals which predicted to be IT accessories of next winter.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Masculine Feminine

Ah the tailor wide boy pants trend. I have to say I love love love loooooooooooooove it!
It is actually working really well for me (Truth: loose = hips not showing), comfy, casual, unserious, cool, relax, simply effortlessly chic…. (like Diane Keaton style in Annie Hall)

One problem though: now I kind of confuse my wardrobe with my other half one.
The truth is, those last couple of months, I bought a lot of pants (like a looooot), all of them 2 times bigger for me, so now when I’m looking for a ‘normal’ pair of trousers, well I don’t have that anymore. Or when I do find one (far behind in my closet), I try it, close the zip, have hard time to breath and move across from the room to the bathroom, become all red and sweat to finally remove it, put on my wide comfy pants, look at myself in the mirror, whisper a little ‘hum better’, wear a killer pair of high heels and leave satisfied…

Bloody hell when did I stop dressing like a girl?!?! My pants are wide, my T-shirts even bigger, my shirts pffff no comments… even my dresses now I start buying size… biiiiiiiiiiiip (you really thought I will tell you that pfff) wear a belt in the waist bref I like my clothes loose!

But come on, tell me something, between you and me, it does look cool isn’t… Even though yesterday I was still wondering: Do I really look good or do I only want to believe that I look good because I really want to and cause I’m comfy??? Okay too philosophic for fashion…

It’s all about the attitude (too cliché??). I don’t think so cause I’m sorry but the boyish look for a girl does work!!
When I’m in Paris for example, when a girl catches my attention and find her stylish well I realize that most of the time she will be wearing a rolled up pants with a pair of high heels…or at least something masculine, large vest, hat, shoes… something…

My only concern is how am I going to handle the after party? How I’m going to put on slim, tight, skinny jeans again after that… Cruel world!

So boyish look = stylish but not feminine... well I’m confused, really need your opinion on that. Sexy or not sexy?

Have to go buy a skirt.


Thanks to my best Dubai girlfriend YK. for the shots!


Vest My Dad / T-Shirt American Apparel / Pendant Isabelle Marant / Pants Topshop / Shoes Sergio Rossi

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Electric Feel

Little girl I used to put on costume all the time; my mum wardrobe was my playground…

Color Heels, ‘Dallas’ style evening dress with large shoulders sponge, big frame glasses, red lipstick… I remember opening the large doors and being blinded by a beautiful rainbow of colors: flashy pink, fuchsia, electric blue, yellow… wow…I guess I owe to my mum my taste for flashy color!

Now open any wardrobe and you’ll see black, dark grey, black again, white (to match the black) and maybe navy blue… what is happening to the world? BORING!

I’m an unconditional optimistic, all my hopes are on this year spring… I believe that we should see appearing butterfly, rainbows, and lollipops on the streets (sorry malls).

So please girls don’t be afraid to pull it on, mixing colors, pink, violet, fuchsia…everything together; think about your mum late 80’s early 90’s wardrobe and get inspired!!

This being said, let’s go back to my outfit of the day, which is actually very electric, very rock clash trash! But still very feminine...

Rocky meets Jules Cesar meets Blondie...

With this outfit, I would have imagined very well a heavy ‘kiss’ make up (black eyes, pink lipstick, and star on the cheek…).
Calm down it is still a daytime outfit; you're not a rock star for god sake!!

No accessory, the gold gladiator sandals, electric blue skirt and Rocky Balboa belt were funky enough by themself…

Have to run… bisous

Photos by YK.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Breaking News

Sorry guys this little post concern my french compatriots or people with french postal address.. (they don't deliver to UAE).

Anna Maison Martin Margiela

Women/Men Last Collection Ready-To-Wear -70% off
Thursday 12th March from 7am til Sunday 15th March midnight
Cause after all designer clothes YES but -70% even BETTER!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I don’t know if we are all the same, but I’m not at all the kind of person that gets ready my outfit the night before … First of all because I will for sure change my mind the next morning, being in another mood, just remembered that I had an important meeting means that I can’t wear my new boyfriend jeans, forgot to check out the weather and that they announce the worst sandstorm ever etc etc…

I’m more the kind that will throw all her ‘potential wearable’ clothes on the bed, ending up dawning into a pile of dresses, trousers, skirts…get myself into a new obsession like ‘gosh I absolutely need right now a new turquoise sequins belt to go with this skirt.. (??)’ and being even more confused than ever like today will be the last day of my life that I’ll wear clothes!

Today, I woke up on a cartoon mood… not the manga or any modern one type. No the true Walt Disney one…

Today I wanted to play, I wanted to be a cartoon character!!!
I spent ½ hour looking for my blue vintage dots dress, remembered that it was at the tailor (length issue) grrrrr and finally found my Luella dress that I love... humm not exactly the ‘Minnie’ style… and then illumination, my red bow necklace!!!! Much much better… Yalla black round flat shoes (yes I’m late, need to run) and Dubailand here I come!

Thanks to OC for the photos.
Dress Luella / Shoes French Sole / Bow Necklace Excelsior
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