Monday, November 30, 2009

Inside a Women Pouch

For once I’d like to talk about beauty, I think I’ll make it a regular, anyways it’s definitively related to fashion, because 1. Sorry to be rude but whatever you wear darling it doesn’t really matter if you don’t look 'fresh' (lets remains polite please, kids are reading) 2. I know you girls love beauty!!

The only reason I don’t talk much about it, is simply because, I’m definitely not an expert…
(Can anyone let me know how to do smoky eyes pleeeeaaaaaase – it always ended up 1. me late 2. 1,625 cotton buds in the bin 3. light satin beige eyeshadow)
for a very long time my only make up routine was putting a layer of neutral gloss.
Years after years I have added up something, first the mascara (thing I can’t live without today), followed by a serious Touche Éclat and Terracotta addiction…

The fact that I hate beauty department store never helped me developing my knowledge.

Until that day, my friend, introduced me to the real concept of make up, I know I had to wait * years to become a real woman with a real make up pouch…

You want a serious tip? Next time you have your girlfriends over or next Saturday afternoon coffee hang out with your gals – do something: simply ask them to put on the table their make-up pouch.

Well sounds stupid, but only sharing your respective beauty tips will teach you more that any magazines or department store’s salesperson combine!

Its simple, face-to-face, direct, (no marketing blabla) and usually the selection is much more affordable than what they try to sell you at Harvey Nicks!

Last girls gathering, I discovered the best beauty kept secret on Earth!
The MAC Correcteur and Concealer… bye bye Touche Eclat!! You’ve been a loyal companion for many years but time for radical changes… Why nobody told me about it before!!
Why all beauty magazines assume we all know already the basic, it’s never simple, it’s always about the new revolutionary cream or foundation, I don’t want a revolution I want the base!!!!…

Bye bye panda eyes, bye bye lack of sleep proof

Darling you’re (beauty) lifesaver!!!!

* are you crazy, you really think I’m gonna tell you that ????

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When Lily met Sally

When Lily met Sally it was love at first sight!

Chloe Sally bag Fall09 collection

I could clearly hear the chabadabada chabadabada of a Fellini movie soundtrack, or feel the butterflies in my stomach when i saw this beauty for the first time... aaah I remember fashion week Fall09 ...
After many tentative to get the precious from my precious like for instance catalogue opened on page 2 (with red annotation below the picture saying 'I love it') strategically placed on the coffee table, few ballads back and forth front of the Dubai Mall boutique with my eyes rolling back and forth on him and the window, post-it with the name and color wrote on it stick to the fridge/bathroom glass/TV screen/all over the house etc...
Bref all this to finally make him understand that I wanted this bag for my birthday and nothing else!
I don't know if your boyfriend is the same than mine but he hates to offer me bags, shoes, any fashion accessory for my B-day... 'too impersonal'... he says *
Whaaaat are you talking about?? pfffff it's completely personal!!!!!!!!!!! As a matter of fact so personal that my name is almost written on it, when I look at it from the window it's calling me!!!!!!! but that's something he will never get...
Com'on it's Chloe it's Sally it's meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Then i always add : 'Nooo sweetie I promise you it won't be thrown in a corner after 6 months with the others, non non non this one is a Classic!'
Ooooh if I count the number of times I used the word 'Classic' to get something, i swear I’ll wear it forever (seriously? forever??? who am I kidding?... oh yeah, him!!)
For once he capitulated, a little too easily actually, but I think he likes it too but will never admit it!
Personally, I really do believe that I’ll wear it for a very long time (because he will oblige me to anyway), I don't know let's discuss it in 6 months, but most importantly I’m enjoying every minutes of it and that's the only thing that matter! Thank you soooo much!!! Beautiful
Chabadabada chabadabada lala la lala la

A demain

* He's very creative when it comes to gift ,simply enter a shop to purchase something is not his style at all!!

Construction Site

Pictures taken in the storage, because everybody (actually not everybody only guys) kept telling me that i looked like a plumer that day.. ;-) it made me smile all day long - This jumpsuit in from a londonian vintage shop..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Item of the Day

The wanted accessory of the day is this fabulous necklace from Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.
No surprise i'm a huge fan of Givenchy's accessories... from shoes to rings, bracelet, necklace... they aren't very affordable but if one day you have to spoil yourself, do it right!

I have to show you his latest Haute Couture show inspired by moroccan berber, (tribe i'm originally from) time to take out my grand mother jewelry!!!

Good luck it's only Sunday... bisous

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Run, Grab, Run!


9.00am First attack: the shoes!


Ladies and ladies, for the one worrying, I survived!!!!

I have to admit, itwas a tough one, nothing to do with my Williamson promenade, that one was hardcore, let me tell you exactly what happen but before i want to introduce you my fellow camarade –the winner of yesterday contest – the sweet and fresh Yousra.

What I immediately loved about Yousra was her enthusiasm, her email made me smile, no arrogance, no pretentious, just the truth… she simply wanted to go!

Yousra is 22, lived most of her life in Dubai, she just got graduated and works in finance which doesn’t allow her to fully express her creativity. She uses fashion to express her artistic side.

“The perfect way to describe my style would be a mix between Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl. I like to dress classy, can be quite preppy at times, however I also end up being high street. I love jeans, they are like my uniform. Another thing I love is accessories (bags, jewelry, scarves, shoes). I usually go big and bling with my accessories while keeping my clothes simple.These days I'm obsessed with necklaces and booties.I love sparkly things, maybe its the influence of Dubai on my bringing up. Other than that I like to be always put together, I never leave my house with an unmade face or messy hair, the perfectionist in me does not allow that. What I got from Jimmy Choo H&M was the only thing I really wanted, it was the Grey Suede Sandal type booties, as I mention I'm obsessed with booties at the moment, hence none of the sandals really appealed to me.”

She is a girl that knows exactly what she wants!

Fine now I also owe her an apology because the organization wasn’t as good as expected – they actually opened the door at 9am for everybody – invitation or not you still could make your way inside - so me and her had to run, grab, fight (pull hair), escape like everybody else!! Its okay after all, its part of the fun –
Anyway, the atmosphere was cool (not the first 6 minutes though) but after all the starving girls got their basket full, we started laughing at ourselves – gosh I’ll always be amazed with woman and shoes obsession – even when you think you’ve seen it all you can get surprise!

But we made it through and got everything we came for…I got my brogues yeah!!!!!! (They were the only shoes left I guess they are not local taste hehe)… Great team work!

We even had time to try on our stuff – I love your shoes hon, you really pull them off!

For those how couldn’t make it, don’t worry too much, for the price of the shoes (from 499 to 799aed!) wait till next shopping festival and get real Choo’s ones!!
Many of the items were way overpriced and not perfectly finished!! Its recession for god sakes…
Coming soon Sonia Rykiel!

PS: my last words will be for the sales people, who were particularly nice, smiling, helful.. they really played the game!
PS2: they served Starbucks coffee and pastries, i love dubai.. i can't wait to tell my parisian friends !

Golden Ticket

If you are planning to party tonight - you have to do it right!
Here a selection of statement gold metalic accessories :

Clockwise from left to right: Christian Louboutin ankle boots / Chloe Elsie bag / Christian Louboutin stiletto / Cartier ring / Marni platform shoes and Marc Jacobs shoes
Jimmy Choo gold patent shoes

Have a great week end!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Exclusive Invitation

Dear readers,
Listen up, today is your lucky day!
I know many of you already planned to brave the queue tomorrow front of H&M before the opening to get a chance to find your favorite pieces of the Jimmy Choo collection for H&M – well well maybe you won’t have to queue after all…

I'm giving away an exclusive invitation to be the first to preview and shop the collection with me before everybody else!

Very simple, send me an email* to and it’s yours!**

* First send first serve basis
** All details will be send to you later on

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boutique 1 goes Online

For the workaholic, e-shopping freaks or just lazy fashionistas like me... famous department store Boutique 1 goes online!!

All brands carried in the store seem available online - from 3.1 Philipp Lim to Acne, Marchesa or Zac Posen - let's just hope now cause only the assortment selection will make the difference.

Weekly fashion news and report and personal styling advice.
Ladies seriously get your credit card ready!!

Fashion Romance

Believe me or not but my husband is the one introducing me to Aiisha Ramadan world (he is so proud and excited when he knows something I don’t about fashion…) – we never met physically but I know her through my husband how I think never met her either... okay it’s getting a little complicated here, you know the new virtual world, the whole new virtual ‘connection’ thing!

Aiisha if you hear me it’s a call we have to meet soon!!

Anyway I did my study before going to her show and I must say I was intrigued. Aiisha is a dreamer, a romantic, a poet, a story teller… beyond her talent in designing (which she incontestably has) she has a whole universe around her. This is what I love about Aiisha, the stories behind her creations.

The show was named ‘Love Affair’, romance between fashion and jewellery, a collaboration of two talented, passionate women: Aiisha Ramadan and Victoria Casal.

Victoria Casal on the left, right Aiisha Ramadan

The set took place on the Ice Rink of Dubai Mall, which believes me brought pure magic, the fresh air, the feeling it could snow at any minute… all details were impeccable: from the stunning embroidery of the dresses, the superb Casal pieces of jewelry, the delicious pink cupcakes gently offered by smiling hostesses (very important details), the beautiful crowd, the energy of the models to the fabulous tailored Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay until the end, well as you know I’m the double booking world champion but that’s again another story…

Enough talk, my point is, when a local designer is as talented as Aiisha, it makes me proud in a way and I encourage all fashion lovers to check the love affair collection available now at Galleries Lafayette.

I forgot to bring my camera that night, the pictures are not mine… sorry

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pick Up Items of the Day

The outfit of the day is gold gold gold and fur... chic and sassy... really wish i could wear a fut coat tonight!

I would wear a gold satin shirt as a dress with black tight, those much-loved Alexander Wang boots, Miu Miu bag and studded short gloves... ahhh winter...

Shirt Day Birger et Mikkelsen / Gloves 3.1 Phillip Lim / Coat APC / Cuff YSL / Boots Alexander Wang / Bag Miu Miu

All available on Net-A-Porter

click on the image to enlarge

Lily Dress Code in Emirates Woman

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crazy (Non)Socialite Life

Even if the news is not hot from the oven, (I have so much going on recently that I don’t even have time to eat those days), just crazy, anyhow I still wanted to post a little something about a few events I went to this month, I tell you why;

1. because when something fashion happen in town I have the duty to report
2. because I told you already I’m not a party girl so when I drag my lazy person outside I better tell the whole world
3. it’s my blog and I can write whatever I want
4. I got the privilege to be invited and this deserve a note
5. Social events are the perfect reflect of the fashion scene evolution

When I attend events like the one thrown by Balmain, the local designer Aiisha Ramadan or again the new hot spot Mojo Gallery; I don’t see Dubai as ‘emerging market’ anymore but as future capital of fashion. I feel that people are more open-minded, curious, adventurous, and tolerant than before when it comes to fashion.

Glam Glam Glam

I received the invitation the day before, a little last minute I agree, but I think I was a last minute invitee (how cares its fine I’m not sensitive), anyway when I checked it I read the following;

Balmain (cool) blablabla Al Quoz (arrgggggggg) blablabla Pioneering lifestyle event (hmmmmm really??) blablabla

It’s not the first time that I see this kind of promiscuous announcement that is (very) rarely achieved.
But I don’t know this time I had a good intuition, maybe because it was Balmain… I don’t know, I was just scared to be disappointed.
Even if I was not in the mood to socialize a drink in a hand pretending to have the best time and to be in the most interesting conversation with someone I didn’t know 6 minutes earlier..
(Really not in the mood especially that I had a soiree cheese fondue waiting for me at home!!)
But for you, dear readers, I decided to go few minutes to check it out ;-)
Once arrived (after a good 16 minutes lost in Al Quoz, like you know how to read a map!!) I was straight away intrigued: a factory look-a-like gallery (Carbon 12), loud music, FW09 runway show projection, glitter, the iconic outfits with the infamous boots showcases, the unveiling of the new Evian bottle designed by Paul Smith and bunch of trend-setters at the entrance door (hummmm).

I wore an oversized blazer, a dress, my eternal Chloe boots and my new Chloe bag (I’ll tell you all about it soon) and I’m casual but neither under or over-dressed (very good sign), there was NO DRESS CODE! (wouhouuuuu)!!
I have spotted a lot of Balmain style obviously, skinny washed away jeans and shoulder jacket, but also a lot of originality like a funky flower harem pants, leopard pair of shoes (by a uber-trendy-guy) etc ect… beautiful (unusual) crowd and very cool atmosphere!

That night was a breeze of fresh air, totally glamorous, completely Balmain and you were right a pioneering lifestyle event!!

J’en veux encore!! *

Tomorrow Aiisha Ramadan and her love affair.

*I want more

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