Thursday, October 14, 2010

Symphony In Style


As everything needed to be said about The Symphony event have already been written in several Dubai fashion blogs like ages ago (well the event happened last Thursday) so in fashion time frame I'm completely obsolete already.

My evening did not start that well - late, alone (my friend ditched me), my best friend birthday to attend right after, my name not on the list (had to find an ID in my tiny little evening bag while Louise Nichol from HB was waiting behind...) well they did warn us, it was an 'invite'only' event.

But it got better and better, 1.the concentration of stylish ladies, 2. the availability of the designers, 3. the great atmosphere, 4. the cupcakes, 5. the fun charity auction, 6. the cupcakes, 7. the shoes (omg the shoes), 8. the cupcakes, etc... well i think you got the point, I did not regret my 45 minutes late to my friend birthday (dont kill me if you read this pleeeease)..

Number 15. it was the day I finally got to meet Confashions from the blog Confashions from Kuwait.

Well, we spent some time together (we were both alone), she teached me all about The City series, the name of all designers, and she even introduced me to Erin Fetherston like they were old buddies, I must say she is the sweetest.

I will let you read her fabulous review about the event, she says it all + she did not forget her camera like me... arrrgggggg


Photo credit Confashions


  1. cute outfit!! :)

  2. LOL! Its was really my pleasure, it actually felt like we've been friends for ages! So looking forward to our next get together ;)

  3. Soooo bummed I did not meet Confashion that night. I am dying to meet her ;)


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