Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bleu Nuit

These days I take it easy…for those who still don’t understand my language well it means that I’m wearing flat shoes, no make up and I’m giving complete freedom to my hair!
It feels good time to time to go back to basics, having couple of days off beauty. Sometimes you have to accept to be short, accept not to have natural pink-blushed cheeks and curved black eyelashes straight out of bed… those days I will put on my favorite pairs of jeans, my comfy tee, cute sunglasses (to hide the tired eyes at least) and good to go!

Do girls need to look perfect everyday?!?! Or do we accumulate bonus points on good days to allow one or two bad one in return without anybody judging you? Like bumping into someone you haven’t seen for ages dressed like your 12 years old sister justifing ‘sorry cant kiss you i have a terrible flu!!’ faking caugh and all to ashame to admit that you're taking a fashion day off...

Gosh it’s already the week end, does a week can go any faster!?!?


Top Juicy Couture / Skirt Vintage / Shoes H&M / Glasses Urban Outfitters / Watch Ebel Brasilia


  1. I like the casual look :)

  2. yes me too. she is so serious ;-) in bleu nuit. sonson

  3. ...and the corail nail on your feet, where does it come from? ronron

  4. I like that way too let's spread in the air!



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