Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tres Marant*

The first time I saw the Isabelle Marant jogging pants I was all like pfffff come’ on that’s not flattering, not sexy, not chic at ALL! Non non merci not for me I’ll pass on that one…

Isabelle Marant Spring 09 collection


Reality: less than two months later here I am proudly walking around town with my new loose sweatpants short found in Zara a few days ago. Claiming to whoever can hear me that I always wanted it and not since I saw it gorgeously wore by another fashion blogger, moi noooooon always wanted it I told you…
Gosh I’m so weak! Pathetic!

Grey, soft and extreeeeeeeeeeeemely comfy... I don’t know there is something special about it I immediately feel naturally cool while wearing those pants. Like 'I don't give a d**** how i look' kind of feeling.

I don’t want to remove them EVER! Maybe I can just change the top and spend the whole summer in them?!? for my defense guys please answer me honnestly when was the last time in fashion something trendy was comfy, loose yet effortlessly-cool-sexy huh?!?
Well yes when you look cooler than cool and super comfy, I’m wondering if I did finally reach fashion heaven.

I’m off this week to Paris and I can’t wait to pull out my sweatpants missile, accessorized with an oversized tee-shirt and a blazer (because in Paris you can actually wear a jacket believe me I won’t miss that chance ;-))

* Very funny

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