Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I love Ramadan!

People staying late at night, collective lack of sleep sensation, the warmth of every home, friendly iftar – the wonderful feeling that everything is on hold, minutes feel like hour – Dubai sleeping beauty – the only month of the year when people have actually time, time to see their family, time to see their friends – how relaxing…

BUT because there is always a but in a story otherwise it wouldn’t be worth to tell right? –Ramadan is also for me synonym of fashion dilemma – what to wear? What not to wear???????? Every year is the same story

No need to tell you that I already say bye to my shorts for a month, 30 days, 720 hours...

But what about the skinnies, leggings, dresses, skirts, t-shirts well all the stuff I have been wearing for the past 28 months???? Agrrrrrrhhhh

This is when you say: ‘C’mon Lily don’t be such a drama queen you’ll still have the long-sleeve T-shirt option and straight Gap jeans, simple quoi… And c’mon it’s only one month!!!’

Simple? you said simple? simple meeeee??? are you kiddin me

I know I know more spirituality less superficiality blablabla

But I feel so NOT fashion those days that I’m losing myself!!! HELP

Black, white, grey (boring) what about the fabulous colors? Am I allowed to wear colors???? HEELP

How do you cover up when it’s 72 degrees outside!!!! HEEEEEEEELP

So far my solution had been my Sandro (life saver) jog pants and all sarouel pants I could found in my closet with a simple white shirt all sleeves rolled up (stolen to my man) loose Tees loose cardigans a la cool of course!

Seriously how long can I go on like that?!?!?

Don’t tell me that I’m not spiritual enough alright a whole month of NO-silhouette, ghost-face-no-made-up style, I don’t even know how my ankles look like anymore!! Give me a break what more can I do???

If you my fashionistas pals have found the miracle solution it’s time to share PLEEEASE SAVE MEEEEE



I'm complaining but deep inside of me you wanna know the truth:

Well, taking the risk to disappoint you, I love fashion I DO but for one month every year, my life has a higher meaning... And Wow man it feels good to do simple! (shuuut don't tell anyone dont ruin my reputation)

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