Monday, May 3, 2010

Number 5

After a long hunt accross town to find fashionistas most wanted lipstick of the moment - the Rouge Coco number 5 'Mademoiselle' .
The one featured in the advertising campaign with french actress Vanessa Paradis. Humm maybe that's why it got sold out pretty much everywhere since the launch last month, and maybe that's why it's my fav too (im such a marketing victim!!!)...

Okay i love the 5 but seriously all colors are gorgeous.

I'm not going to write forever about this, the only thing i'm gonna tell you here is: you have got to try it!!!!!
Well don't get disappointed it doesn't miraculously make your lips look like a heart shape like Vanessa but the moisturized texture is unbelievable.



  1. mumm! At first i thought you were talking about the perfum and got really excited as its my favorite.... tried to change but always come back to it. Then i realised after few lines and nice pictures that it was the new lipstick from MADAME CHANEL:)you know when i saw it in the magazine didnt really liked it, but the way you are talking about it, i am definitly going to get it. ( i swear you should work for CHANEL marketing. lol!)

  2. Where did you get it from? I looked all over Dubai, and went to NY last month and looked there and STILL DID NOT FIND IT! ><

  3. Hey FingerPrint, I actually found 2 pcs yesterday at Bloomingdales, they just received them... be fast they get sold out rather quickly!!! Good luck xxx


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