Monday, May 31, 2010

Rendez-vous a Shanghai

If you still wonder what is the hottest fashion spot right now, forget about Paris, New York or London... now all eyes are on Shanghai

Perfect example here with the house of Dior and the gigantic event that took place last week at the occasion ot the boutique opening in Plaza 66 , the Cruise 2011 presentation, the launch of the 3rd opus of Lady Dior campaign and an exhibition tribute to the Dior Haute Couture. When I say hot spot I mean it!!


Lady Dior sculpture by Li SongSong

Lady Blue
Don't even know where to start... ok the 'commercial' movie, director by David Lynch starring the french actress Marion Cotillard and her chinese lover. After Paris and New-York, here she is in Shanghai falling in love (rather quickly) and sporting the new Lady Dior Blue (limited edition exclusively for Shanghai). I won't say more you need to watch the movie

The Cruise 2011 collection
Don't get mislead by the very 'Brigitte Bardot' look of the models, non non you're not in St Tropez or Cannes but in Shanghai for the Dior Cruise 2011 collection. The french and elegant allure are in celebration, inspired by the French cinema movement Nouvelle Vague of the 50's; shades of pink, lilac, pastels was the predominant colors. A true romance a la francaise...

Pink mousseline, flower details and shiny leather
Striped mariniere, tailored jacket with bow details
Delicate cocktail dresses and floral bouquets belts

I have never been to China maybe it is time to do so...


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