Monday, August 30, 2010

Art Fashion


You remember the first time I told you about The Empty Quarter ? Well since then, the photography art gallery became one of the hot spot in town for culture.

Don't miss the latest exhibition starting from September 14th called : Fashion, the story of a lifetime - with simulatenously a celebration of most iconic fashion photographers like Lilian Bassman, Norman Parkinson, William Klein, Albert Watson etc... through mix of vintage & modern prints + showcase of amazing vintage dresses from Parveen Shaath's private collection (a true fashionista collector!).

The Empty Quarter
Gate Village, Bldg 02


  1. hi stylish girl :) i can`t stop reading your posts , really u r keeping me up2date in fashion ;)

    i will come to Dubai for a one day shopping spree , so i was thinking i may have time to pass by exhibition , plz where is exactly ?? thanks alot and plz dont stop your lovely posts

  2. Hi New Bride, Thank you so much!

    That's great, I will see u there then - The Empty Quarter is the gallery name in the middle of the Gate Village (near Villa Moda bldg 2) in DIFC.


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