Monday, July 27, 2009

Art In Progress

We all heard (too) many times fellow compatriots during social-diner conversation complaining about the lack of culture in Dubai.
“Don't you miss going to the museum… hahaha ” (posh voice) even though back home I was more visiting my own temple of art named Galleries Lafayette than Musee du Louvre yet they were often great exhibitions preview, new contemporary gallery opening or artist retrospective to attend.

My first years in Dubai I was still innocent, young and fresh, determine to learn all about the local talents and art scene which cause me to get lost at least 1,285 times in al Quoz arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

In fact what we are missing here is not culture but the unconditional expression form of it, the true side, the controversy, the rough beauty of a piece-of-art without glamourous glitter.

No art crush so far - however more and more confident in the future with the global enthusiasm felt during recent events like Art Dubai or Film Festival.
Wow people do care about art??? Of course they do I was just not in the inner circle that’s all… means that art here is not for large mainstream public but for a few elected persons? Well kind of… open any issue of Mondanite magazine go the page ‘event’ search for exhibition launch and look… pfff ‘(way overdressed) socialites faces again!’ (noooooo please at Missoni new boutique opening okay acceptable but here seriously) they look more interested in having there portraits taken than the ones hanging on the walls. Then after cocktail-and-free-canapés night, what’s left? Empty galleries again…

Anyhow that’s not the subject; I just wanted to share with you something I did last Saturday while trying to avoid shopping malls. I decided to finally go check out the art galleries @DIFC gate (okay okay to tell you the truth I was going to Villa Moda and randomly bump into those galleries).
Well not bad at all, a few of them even good!

The one that surprises me the most I would say was ‘The Empty Quarter’ specialist in Fine Art Photography from all around the world (1st photography dedicated gallery in the Middle-East). Showcasing among many some stunning pieces by Jeanloup Sieff for Harper’s Bazaar 1964, better yet a minimalist series called ‘Wire’ by two young talented contemporary artists from Philippines to name a few.
Don’t be afraid to chat a little with the creative in charge, he might show you some kept treasure… Watch this space!

The Empty Quarter
Gate Village,
Bldg 02

Keep looking culture is everywhere…

Bye mes cheris!

Photo credits The Empty Quarter official website

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