Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today is a big SOS message I’m sending across…

Don’t get all confused with the title – I’m not talking about food here I gave up this idea of food dieting a long time ago…

No in fact I decided to start a shopping diet couple of weeks ago and I have to say that it’s not going well at all…

1. Objective cupboard slim fast program = FAILED

First of all, I blame it on my girl friend (luv u sorry) second on promotional sms I receive everyday and third on Dubai weather: first coz there is always one of them to ask innocently if I can come with her for a quick after work trip to mall of the emirates ‘pleeeeease I don’t know if I should get the blue or the red dress you have to help me’ (cruel how can i say no) worst the 85% off alert at Boutique 1 re-forwarded by a friend along with a note ‘meet me there in one hour!’ (are u kidding me) finally the weather coz man what else can I do beside shopping under AirCon on a Saturday afternoon with 41 degrees outside??

Oh oh I almost forgot the bloody summer special discount all over the place chasing me and my wallet like vultures i swear i should take pictures of all the shops windows 'Sale or further discount' 'come to the devil' sign as i like to call them
soon to drag you inside they will stick glittering narrows on the floor pointing to the door direction!! insane
Well they now that as soon as you're inside you're trap who can resist to 85% off for god sake?????

Result: this month a new Sandro pants + 1 Topshop short+dress + 2 new swimsuit + 3 Zara T-shirts + 1 jumpsuit + new pair of Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses + Chloe clutch + new Bobbi Brown bronzer + 1 Martin Margiela ring etc etc etc…

(are u sure this month was only 31 days???)

Total = ……,.... dhs = 24 kilos
Account balance: minus….. dhs and 50 fils grrrrrrrrr

Next month for sure I’ll be more careful, well at least I’ll try to implement a safety perimeter around each mall or change my mobile number

Anyway girls if you hear me please don’t invite me for shopping trip anymore it hurts!!!
Let’s go for goss coffee instead and huh huh not in Dubai mall i beg you…

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