Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One Man Show

lesson of elegance from GQ India Fashion editor

Men Fashion Weeks oblige today let’s keep on talking about man fashion.

I have never been that interested in men’s fashion, first of all never found it very exciting second limit boring ok it’s a nice suit now what? When my man sometimes ask me to help him dressing up well I’ll simply coordinate a tie with a shirt with a suit (original huh) maybe coz I always thought that men are not meant for fashion, that it’s an area strictly reserved to giggling girls like me.. That anyway they were not adventurous too classic and stubborn (I’m wearing this jeans brand for 5 years why would I change them??)
Or perhaps I was deep inside protecting this area, telling myself “ok they know how to change a tire but no way they can spell or pronounce correctly the name Kris Van Assche or know by heart Karl’s date of birth!”

Well maybe I was all wrong…

When I look at those street style photos taken off the Paris men’s fashion weeks podiums by one of my favorite Parisian blogger it makes me slowly want to change my mind… again just recently in Paris I realized that I was equally looking at girls and boys looks.

Damn those guys know their fashion, effortlessly cool, perfect silhouette, right killer-details, playing in the edge of eccentric and classic yet extremely masculine!

Hope it will inspire you as much as it did to me…

Tomorrow review on the Dior Homme, Lanvin and Paul Smith SS 10 shows.

Ciao macho man!

Photos credit L'express Style

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