Friday, October 9, 2009

Leading Leather

I bought this leather skirt last year in one of my favorite vintage shop in Paris (quartier du marais), ever since i'm trying to find a way to wear it - you know the kind of cloth you buy on impulse (what i want to say is 'coup de tete' i'm not sure about the translation, sorry) that you see sleeping quietly on the last layer of your wardrobe clothes pile, feel bad about it, try time to time to pull it out but at last minute change your mind, take it off, and put it right back where it was... but i never given up the idea of wearing it one day... well give me some credit try to wear a leather skirt in Dubai!!!! not that easy you'll admit... To avoid the SM look i'm wearing it with a denim washed out shirt.
Once passed the first time i'm sure that me and my skirt have a long future (i mean Fall 09) together! by the way i also got the mini leather skirt from Zara just perfect!!

Leather skirt Vintage / Denim shirt TopShop / Shoes Zara / Belt ?? (cant remember)

Photos taken by Yas.

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  1. oh i love the skirt!! will be getting my own too...ehehehe =D


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