Wednesday, October 7, 2009

While waiting for our Take Away

When we asked the manager if it was possible to take few pictures inside, yeah believe me you'd be surprised by all the stupid stuff 'not allowed' to do here like for instance having eggs benedict with salmon instead of ham - i swear it happened to me only last saturday mornin, not allowed to replace ham by smocked salmon!!! arrrgggggggghhh - that's another subject...
You won't believe what he answered me? He surprisingly answered all smiling
'yes ma'am' followed by 'we actually have a promouunnnntion right now - if you upload pictures of our restaurant on our restaurant FB group you win 1 month diner free..'

(O&me looking at each other half laughing) 'huuh okay thanks' honestly what a weird promotion... who can come up with idea like that?!?! anyway i'll certainly not win because the pictures were taken only for this post.

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