Thursday, October 1, 2009

Me, Yesterday

It's been ages that my friend Yasmina didn't take pictures of me... was fun!

I bought this shirt from Bebe (with another that i'll show you tomorrow), yeah i know what you think, me at Bebe... yeah before judging, in a recent hunt with my friend all over dubai for her perfect B-day sexy dress, we desperatly decided to enter the 'bimbo' (no offense to anyone but you'll agree that some stuff over there just look wrong!) temple, (the usual tacky dresses in the windows display always made me swear to never go inside that shop, EVER... gosh why can I never stand to any of my principles??? im soooo weak).

So we entered totally nonchalant, giving attitude to the tall thin wax mannequins on the display, when we unexpectedly start picking up one item, then a second, following by a third... ended up in the fitting room with 8 dresses!!! looking at each other humm not bad... my friend even pickep up the perfect Roland Mouret style LBD dress!

In conclusion, never say never in fashion!

Grey Harem Jog pants Forever 21 / Shirt Bebe / Pendant H&M / Waist coat Zara / Boots Vintage / Sunglasses Ray Ban Wayfarer


  1. Enfin, c'est pas trop tôt pour commenter tout ce ptit bazar !!!!!!! Ca confirme exactement ce que je pensais, j'adore la boy cut heureusement ma bikette tu ne t'es pas Rihanisé avec Mèche blonde et Rasage de côté Lol ni Hallibérisé !! Je trouve cette new cut à la fois sobre, ultra sexy et tellement toi !!! On dirait que tu l'as toujours porté !! bisou Jean..... c'était fellou au cas où :)))

  2. well, you followed my sister there, and obviously she likes bebe's style, well nothing wrong with that:) see i got her a dress that you or myself will most probably never wear, however, we both like it, right? so, if you are a fashion victim, its ok sometimes to divert..... by the way i ADORE, the hair style.... you poor husband,lol! did he faint...naaaaa, he loved it, im sure... you are full of surprises and i guess thats why he married you.. love you both


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