Monday, December 7, 2009

Belle en Rykiel

Believe me or not but when i entered H&M shop i completely forgot that it was the launch day of the Sonia Rykiel for H&M underwear collection.
I said believe me or not!!

A few beautiful pieces actually like a 'late 90's purple Jean-Paul-Gaultier-satin-corset-style' (my fav), funky slippers, satin robes, jewelry bows... a Rykiel definitively inspired by the late 50's pin-up, very vintage look (Dita will love it!)... i didn't go crazy though...
1. because i wasn't in the mood the spend hours in the fitting room 2. it was late, many pieces/sizes were already sold out 3. i was with O. (that's actually the only reason..)
I decided to go for the 'collector piece' which is for me the famous Rykiel signature multicolor stripes matching ensemble...
Can't wait to see the ready-to-wear collection including signature wool dresses - Rendez-vous en Fevrier!

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