Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No wonder why Italian girls are sexy…

‘Fashion emergency, call me back ASAP!!’

Nothing superficial about having fashion emergencies, women are full of different kind of emergencies: chocolate cravings, shopping, sushi, candy, new pair of shoes etc etc…

Anyways that’s not the subject, when I received this sms from my friend, I knew it was serious, well she is usually very very efficient, the kind of friend that always has the good tip; she is my ‘huggy bear’* quoi!!

Ah oui small detail I forgot to tell you about my friend, she is a shoe freak… not the kind that claim to be one coz she owes a pair of Loubs, not the kind of shoe freak we are all, no no she is a specialist, an expert, she is the CSI of shoe!!

So I immediately called her back; ‘Lily you won’t believe it!!’ What what what??? ‘Guess who is in town??’ Who?? Mick Jagger? Prince ? Oscar (De la renta) ? I know Kaaaaaaarl???
‘Non Gianni!!’ huh darling sorry but Gianni… ‘Non non blondie Gianni Renzi!!!!’

Long silence…

Her: ‘You don’t know who Gianni Renzi is! pfff and you claim yourself a shoe addict..’
Me: Okay okay no need to be mean…
- ‘Gianni, the designer of Gianmarco Lorenzi
- hmmm it does ring a bell... (???)
- Anyway, he is THE Italian shoe designer, soooo sexy, I love I love I love!!

And AGAIN she was right…Gianmarco Lorenzi is THE Italian luxury creative shoe brand and every sexy trendy Italians are crazy about him!!

When you see his collection no wonder anymore why Italian girls are so sexy!!

If you are bigger shoe addict than Iam and you already owe a pair, run tonight to Galleries Lafayette (Dubai Mall) as Gianni himself will be there to sign your pair from 5pm to 8pm.
Or if you think about finally investing in one, there will be 50% discount on all Fall/Winter models during those 3 hours!!

Be your friends Huggy Bear and spread the word...

Bisous et bon shopping

A demain!!


* Huggy les-bons-tuyaux de la serie Starsky & Hutch pour les frenchies

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