Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sartori Sartori arrives in Galleries Lafayette

If you love fashion and read magazines you must have heard about this new hot local brand in town called Sartori Sartori.

I'm very proud to say that my dear friend Debi Simcox is behind it, she is the creative designer. What I never told you about my friend Debi?? I really have to tell you everything about her soon, she deserves a whole post about herself, she's just fabulous!!!

Anyway, I let you imagine how excited I was when she told me that Galleries Lafayette will be launching the latest Sartori Sartori collection!

Now i let you imagine my reaction when she asked me to model for the launch event... Meeeee??? huh are you sure????????? Me walking straight on a runway front of a strangers in super-high-heels...???
Then she corrected me: ' i know babe you'd be perfect for it but huh it's not a catwalk show, for catwalk i called pro model... it's a showcase of the clothing line anyway you'll be fabulous! '

huh huh fair enough... anyway I didn't hesitate long, 'of course i'll do it!!'

I just adore her work, seriously the evening dresses are to die for!!!

Enough exclamation point, guys if you would like to attend this fabulous exclusive event tomorrow, check out the latest SS line, meet the wonderful designer and make fun of me doing whatever i'll be doing... send an email to info@sartorisartori.com to get an invitation.

hope to see you tomorrow and wish me good luck!


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