Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In the subway*

Everytime i go to Mall of the Emirates now i take the metro, it's my little ritual... i love it, watching people taking photos souvenir, having fun, people asking me if i ever 'try' it, the latest entertainment.
It feels so new over here, love that feeling... funny huh especially when i remember in Paris taking it mecanically every single morning running late to the office not even looking once out the window but only at my watch 9.37am shit!!... it wasn't entertaining AT ALL...

Another subject, i finally sorted out my vacations, i'm such a lousy planner.... i can't wait to go away for a while.

* the metro was recently launched in Dubai.

Leather legging and glasses Urban Outfitter / Sweater H&M / Scarf and bracelet Jimmy Choo by H&M / bag YSL / Flats Zara

1 comment:

  1. the mean of "a parisian girl in dubaï" take all its sense now!
    You look pretty lily and flats are gorgeous (you proved one more time that fashion is just a matter of being patient and know searching The stylish always the most expensive one;
    Thank babe



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