Saturday, January 9, 2010

Je vois double

Proenza Schouler PS1 shoulder bag

Very similar hmm?? Exactly what i thought when i saw the latest Mulberry 'Alexa', named after the Brit 'It' girl Alexa Chung... yep we are far from the iconic names used by Hermes to name the 'Kelly' and 'Birkin' at the time!

Personnaly i prefer by far the PS1 model from Proenza Schouler, but i know Mulberry has their aficionados, actually i wanted a satchel shape bag for quite some time... it gives the perfect retro casual chic look to any outfit and looks soooooo practical!!!

Which one do you prefer??

Mulberry 'Alexa' shoulder bag


  1. Hello lily!
    Je prèfère aussi le ps1! Le cuir est plus souple, le modèle est moins dadame, classique, sobre, chic, efficace sans trop en faire, c'est tout moi!
    bisou bisou


  2. Hi everyone!
    Moi j'ai un petit faible pour le le trouve plus féminin et plus orignal! J'adore son côte "cartable" avec une mention spéciale pour la anse tressée...


  3. God i am so in love with your blog , i noticed it from confashion from kuwait :)

    keep going girl , and i am going to tell u something , i will copy your style and yes i`ll tell everyone that u r my inspiration:)

  4. Thanks for ur comments, so far 50-50 PS1 vs. Alexa!!

    @New Bride: thank you so much i'm so glad you like it!!! you're really spoiling me today...

    Keep on posting comments!!!


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