Sunday, January 10, 2010

Man Talk

Ladies and GENTLEMEN, I would like to introduce you to a new section in my blog called "Man Talk".

Coz i often have some of my 'male' friend asking me why i never talk about man fashion... well maybe because i'm a woman!!! hmm... Anyways i figure the best way to get a little masculine touch to my girly world was to give freedom of speech to a 'real' man to finally know what they really think of our slim jeans, thigh-high-boots or wedges.

A 'real man' not the kind of guy that spend more time than you front of the bathroom mirror, the one that can make a difference between a pair of Prada and YSL but not to the point of giving you the season collection... you know what i mean!
Mr. H, is a thirty something advertising guru living in a big city, he enjoys fashion, likes stylish ladies but NOT at any price...

Platform shoes

"Weren’t the heels supposed to be on the back of the shoe?
I really don’t get the point, it feels like…”High heels are great!! Let’s add another heel in the front as well!!”… Beside, I would have understood for Paula Abdul, Eva Longoria, or Miss Smurphie… But when it comes to 6 feets models, It feels like they telling us ‘’you’re to down to earth, let’s get Hiiiigh”.

When Lily told me to write about platform shoes, first thing I did was to google it…Waow it is impressive: 20 Millions people did talk or write about platform shoes… I didn’t know this was such a serious topic!
The first pages that appeared comforted me on what I was thinking. Platform shoes = Gothic + Sexy + Demonia… I swear to god, It is not me who said so, it is my old friend Micheal Googley
I would avoid, telling you that it reminds me of some good Pole dancers friends, But let me tell you that whenever I meet a girl wearing platform shoes, I feel like tipsing her with a 5 dollars note.
I know Lily, won’t be happy with this, I know she’s a fan... I’m a fan too (when used in a proper stripping contest).
The other problem with platform shoes, is the fact that they are so not practical,
They’re HUGE…
If you’re a guy, and your girl get some of these 3 floors shoes, plan to reorganize your life…
My wife did ask me “What kind of floor is “le Relais De Paris”!?), please valet the car; when your girl is wearing them in some venues, it feels like she’s driving a Hummer in a Minigolf.
You really don’t want to get in trouble with a Platformer, you might get a double heel kick.
If you’re skinny avoid platform shoes, you’ll end up lookin as a reversed Golf Tee.
If you’re curvy you will end up looking as a.... As a… as a… Anyway, if you’re curvy, just don’t.
Also here are some tips for you ladies, If you decide to get one of these platform shoes: Plan to have an additional bag for them when travelling… forget about them when going mountain, sea, office (well could help on the raise), at home, at a stripper club (unless you want to get some 5 dollars note), in your dressing (unless you build an additional one)….
Anyway ladies, platform shoes : NO LIKE… But please don’t trust me, I’m mean, I will be hating every single accessory Lily will be sharing with me, this will be my challenge… and I feel, it’s gonna be load of funs hihihahahahahahaha (Devil laughter)!"

signe Mr. H.


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  2. haha... like a reversed golf tee. nice one. keep on man talking and we'll see who's gonna influence who at the end. man, you might be wearing platforms some day :)

  3. hahahha I'm still laughing!!! :) nice add to the blog for sure - MEN, WELCOME!!!


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