Friday, January 22, 2010


I received a very interesting email couple of weeks ago from a reader – she wanted to share with me a fashion related issue she is facing as a western expat woman living in UAE.

Well she loves fashion, regularly reads fashion blogs and openly told me that she loves LDC* but as a Dubai based blog she was expecting it to see/treat fashion from a different angle ‘less French’ more ‘UAE’…

Well ever since I moved to Dubai, I’m definitely more cautious on the way a dress, no mini on daytime, always a jacket/cardigan/scarf etc etc… yes perhaps my style is very ‘frenchie’ but this is who I am and I can’t change that!!
The only time I will really think about my conservative way of dressing is during Ramadan when I’m really carefully checking the length of the sleeves, skirt etc...

But this being said, I also don’t really work in a conservative environment; I’m not really ‘exposed’, no dress code – nothing - and sometimes naively I think I even forget that I live in a conservative country – So thank you Karin for reminding me!!

Anyways, K. involuntarily put me front of a challenge:

“(…)I discovered your blog today and was pleasantly surprised to find one that was written from the point of view of an expat in DXB.
I love the way you combine your clothes and always look so fabulous. Thank you for taking the time and effort to catalogue it for us.
(…) However I wish you would write about or show the particular challenges expat women living and working in the UAE face daily.
For example, why not feature some of the fantastically stylish girls in long skirts and wonderfully color coordinated outfits that seem to be comfortable, stylish and modest enough for the Islamic country we live in….
I wonder if it would be so easy for you to combine outfits so effortlessly if the length of the skirt had to be ankle length and the shirts had to be down to the wrist and up to the collarbone. (…) “ **


That’s true in a way, however in another hand, blogs are for me the reflect of a very personal opinion/style, it’s a way to express myself, this is why I started this blog at the beginning… if I’m lucky some people will recognize themselves/feel concern about what I’m saying but definitely not everybody… I believe that there are people out there with more expertise than me on this particular subject, treating Dubai fashion in a more conservative way.

Karin I can't change my style and I only want to share things from my own experience - Still I wanted to try something here with a series of photos where I tried to fashionably ‘cover-up’ – hope you’ll like it!!


* Lily Dress Code

* *I selected certain part only of the message, it was quite long… obviously I kept the part where she was saying that she loves LDC… What?? It’s my blog I do whatever I want!!!!!!!

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