Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ChEap And ChiC

Because fashion doesn’t necessarily mean expensive (yeah right!) eh I’m serious here especially nowadays when we gonna have to start being budget conscious. Perhaps the credit crunch psychodrama is starting to hit me and my conscious!!! Hit my legendary optimism and taste for nice (expensive) things!!! Poor little careless addict girl… :-) To illustrate my new fresh resolution I decided today to put together a complete trendy outfit for the less dirham possible.

Since the world entered into recession, we have witnessed a whole new attitude, example:

Old Fashionistas: ‘thanks darling, yes I know my new Choo’s are fabulous and you know what they also cost the price of a new car and I’m going to wear them only once ahahaha (posh laugh)!!’

New Recessionistas: ‘thanks darling, you won’t believe it but Top Shop!!! My shoes? Yes this season-IT YSL caged heels, so comfy; I think I’m gonna wear them all spring!! This necklace? Vintage flea-market…

This season more than ever will be cheap & chic, mix & match, designer & street wear! Tips: Concentrate on key season buys, mix a lot, be creative and have fresh attitude.

High-end designers’ brands are launching affordable fashion lines meant to be worn by everybody. Comme des Garcons, Lagerfeld, soon Matthew Williamson in H&M, Alber Elbaz jeans line with Acne etc etc… even It-girls like Chloe Sevigny are showing the right example on the red carpet. Bye bye total designer look!

I have to admit H&M, TopShop, Zara or American Apparel have always worked well for me I even a few times found very good stuff over there and I’ve always loved spend time truying to find the good vintage piece in flea-market.

So far the only protected area was the shoes; I could compromise on many things except the shoes. I’m designer shoe conservative. Because for me cheap shoes can ruin a whole outfit. Until that day (in London) when I entered New look (skipped very fast the clothes and went directly to their shoes section) and found those gorgeous everyday brown leather sandals. Doesn’t mean that I’m going to forget all about killer statement pricey heels but time to time it feels good to be reasonable, at least for this month! :-)

Time to be creative, wise and save! Or put on a jeans-white tee…. Bisous
liberty print combi-short H&M (dhs 159) / Belt Vintage (5euros dhs 22) / Shoes New Look (dhs 189) / Hat Canotiers du Marais (10euros dhs 50) / Watch Vintage Casio from Urban Outfitter (dhs 75)


  1. Amaaaziiing shoes!!!!

  2. too many spartiates in stores, what are In what are Out this summer lily?


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