Monday, April 20, 2009

Liberty Cheri

Well it was about time for me to write a little something about the liberty. I realize that for couple of weeks now I have been attract in shops only by liberty print, one T-Shirt from here, one little dress from there etc… this is usually how I suspect something happening…

Fashion magazines and other trends setters have already announce actively the come back for spring/summer and I can’t be happier!
I kind of love the liberty fabric coz it reminds me my old little girl flowal dress that my mum used to made me wear matching a very girly little hair band. Yeees I was girly!!

We are going to be surrounded by this famous pattern next couple of months. The dresses, accessories and even shoes are going to be all Liberty! Okay calm down ladies, we are not going to dress head to toe like cherry blossom trees and play virgin suicides remake. Non non but little touch here and there hmm definitively! Like for instance a nice liberty dress with a vintage brown leather belt and gladiators sandals. Or to avoid the ‘too girly effect’ you can go for a liberty jumpsuit, skirt, short or even liberty harem pants… don’t laugh I swear I saw it and it’s gorgeous!

As I just come back from London I need to share that with you, I just discovered that liberty fabric took its name from the beautiful department store on Regent Street.

Particularity of the Liberty: beside the original design (small and tights flowers or geometric art flowers) different colors palettes, it’s usually an expensive fabric mainly due to the high end quality of cotton/silk crepe or satin etc used.

For the adventurous ones, you can get your own liberty fabric and easily tailor made your own creation.

So Liberty Go Baby!

Cacharel special Liberty 'Ephemere' collection S/S 09

Limited Edition Nike Air Force 1 Liberty print

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