Saturday, April 11, 2009

London Calling

After couple of races on Oxford Street, 3 Darjeeling tea, 4 English tea, 56 cupcakes, 8 buses trips in 3 days and way too much taxi drives (gggrrrr); 7 hours flight, 6 kilos exceed weight luggage fees (ggrrrrrr) yes way too much shopping… I’m finally back from my trip to London and as predicted I found some pretty good stuff over there.
I still can’t believe how inspiring londonians are. Everywhere you go I bumped into some crazy look, crazy style... but what amazed me most was the fact that they are all natural in their unnatural way to dress. They all look like they have been born like that! Perhaps they are all coming from post punk parent’s generation ‘punky-baby boom’ generation. Kids of Sid Vicious and Debbie Harry.

I have to admit when I see a stylish Parisian girl on the street you have the feeling that she knows it as well, or that she spent the whole morning studying her look before leaving home (I’m exaggerating a little and don’t get me wrong I’m the worst...) but in London they simply don’t care (yes daaarling). Books and discs stores are great, vintage shops just heaven, tea time a whole experience and pubs just decadent.
I really felt like jumped back to the 80’s. Nothing snob, nothing boring, nothing common.

And the girls ah the londonians girls, well we all know they are stylish, not chic, elegant or anything like that but blood hell they are stylish! And among all completely free, free to wear the shortest skirt possible in winter, free to wear the reddish lipstick ever, free to put on the craziest hair do ever, free to wear used tights with holes, free to wear dots, stripes, colors colors and colors…wow

My best hangs out was in Portobello for the flea market, Brick Lane for the vintage, Notting Hill for the tea time and cupcakes indulge, Camden Town for the true punk London spirit of it and Soho/Covent Garden for the boys fashionable looks… Just in case you decided to pass by London soon here some of my fav’ places on my address book

I thing I will have very soon another London calling!
Bye daaaarling, bye looove
Thanks to my friend D. for being such a great host.


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