Sunday, April 26, 2009

Matthew Williamsonizer

Parisian store before the official opening last Thursday

I have to share this with you; this is one of those days when Lily is feeling completely fashionalistically sad!!!
My disappointment is huge when I say huge I mean gigantesque!!!! Life is unfair….

Time has come once again, and all fashionistas around the world were in the starting blocks, waiting for the new Matthew Williamson collection for H&M to come!! The H&M collaborations with designers have become an institution, some pieces are even collectors (remember the tuxedo vest by Lagerfeld).

Well here we go!! The 1st Part of the collection was officially launched last Thursday in selected stores (200 worldwide) and more democratically mi-May a second collection in all stores. As I could manage to catch a little glimpse of the collection before, which was very promising, I got all excited and impatient to touch the pieces in real (and avoid the Comme des Garcons disappointment…). I want it all, I want the perfecto leather jacket (still i'm wondering if i can put dhs 959 in an H&M jacket even signed by mr. W himself), I want the electric blue suit, I want the sequins dress, I want the SJP belt!!!

Ok the big question now is: what about Dubai??

As I was getting very curious to know the release date in Dubai… and decided to give a quick phone call to MOE boutique. What????? May 14th??????? But Whyyyyyyy????????
Hang up, start sweating and calling all the shops…. ‘Matthew who?? Euh noooo sorry I don’t know m’aam…’ grrrrr

6 phone calls, 6 hang ups later and 6 arguments later... i was trying to understand:

Are we not fashionista enough to have the 1st part in exclusivity,at least in one of the UAE’s shop? Not enough Williamsonizer material?!?! Is it a test to see if we can book a ticket to Paris just for that?? Okay 1 week difference is acceptable but 21 days to wait non non et non!!!!!!!

I got even more nervous when my girl friends in Paris started sending me emails like “I got the blue electric vest and peacock dress, and you??” grrrrrrrrrrrrr told you life is unfair!

So H&M decision maker if you can hear me I hate you!!!!!!

Photos and H&M website.


  1. Don't be mad miss misunderstood...

  2. I share your pain lily, as malcom say: "life is unfair..."

  3. Thanks lily to defense our fashion rights!!



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