Saturday, March 13, 2010

Man Talk

Ladies and GENTLEMEN, I would like to introduce you to a new section in my blog called "Man Talk".
Coz i often have some of my 'male' friend asking me why i never talk about man fashion... well maybe because i'm a woman!!! hmm... Anyways i figure the best way to get a little masculine touch to my girly world was to give freedom of speech to a 'real' man to finally know what they really think of our slim jeans, thigh-high-boots or wedges.

A 'real man' not the kind of guy that spend more time than you front of the bathroom mirror, the one that can make a difference between a pair of Prada and YSL but not to the point of giving you the season collection... you know what i mean!
Mr. H, is a thirty something advertising guru living in a big city, he enjoys fashion, likes stylish ladies but NOT at any price...

High-Waist Pants

Rage Against the High Waist Pants

If some stuff became one day old-fashioned, there should somewhat be a good reason for that… don’t you think?? Shame on you! you supposedly stylish editors, you supposedly Parisian bunch of pretendly trend-setters! Shame on you Grazia! Shame on you Elle! Shame on you Lily…

I’ve been fighting all my life to undress ladies, and you’re deciding not only to dress them! But to dress them more than they need…You’re asking them to wear an extra pant. I mean you’re basically telling them, today don’t wear a pant, wear a pant and a quarter of a pant. What’s the story behind? Some good discount from an Indian fabric maker? A strategic business plan with a Taliban? Are you just fed up watching Paris Hilton legs? I mean put yourself in her shoes… Today, Paris Hilton is about to disappear from Tabloids because of you!! What do you want us to see from her if she’s hiding her best business ally with a High waist pant...

Come on girls, back in the 40’s they needed such stuff… they didn’t have hair removers, they didn’t have power plates yet! They needed such pants to hide some “attributes” 2 days ago, I congratulated a colleague of mine “Hey!! Didn’t know you were pregnant??!!” she looked at me with a “you bastard” face, and she said “Me neither”!! who’s fault was that? Our old High waist pants of course!!

However, there’s one thing I need to aknowledge… we’ve always been telling about women, that they were not rational, not square… today, this is ending, they look like an ace of diamonds when wearing HWP (Too tired to keep writing the whole name… it is as long as the item itself!! Franchement)

Once again, this is MAN TALK, okay? I have one single advice to give you girls: Keep It Short!! Seriously, what’s next?? I’m sure that if I come back in a few months we will discover the Half-leg high boots, combined to the Low waist shirt, the 26 square metter scarf, the Long neck hat...and don’t know what else!

I’m telling you Readers, this can’t go on!! Come on we’ll see how you will react the day we ask Beckham to play soccer with a Hip Hop Baggy pant instead of his short! Would you find it sexy?? Not sure! Please don’t cover your Hips (this statement is not applicable for Susan Boyle)!! The less you cover the more you attract!! Stop thinking males are subtle!! Keep it simple, short and sexy! We are as subtle as a Burger King Whopper!

If you believe that HWP should be part of the past!! Join me in this fight, Join me, Join me, look @ me in the eyes… I said in the eyes, Well done, Join me, Join me hihihahahaiahahiha (Devil’s laughter)

Signé M. H


  1. shame on YOU!!!
    we dress the way we want to dress without you telling us what we can and cant do and what would look good on us!
    if u dont know this yet, then I'm gonna tell u right know.. most women dress to impress OTHER WOMEN with their updated styles and original ideas.. NOT to land a guy.
    our lives dont revolve around making our male counterparts happy. we wear what we think is beautifull and what makes US happy.
    ur reallllly arrogant and self centered to be thinking that we should wear sexy revealing clothing so that we can please men.
    and if beckham thinks it would be better if he played in baggy pants and he would be more comfortable in them then by all means let him wear them.
    this perverted shit got me so mad.. seriously dude, go to hell.

  2. Hi Loudina!
    You are 100% right! Men are convinced that we dress up to seduce them whil in fact we do that to impress our lady friends! Mr. H's view is definitly Machist and Sexist, yet, there is a little bit of truth in what he says. Unfortunately, as far as the opposite sex goes, women's fashion is Sexy fashion. Otherwise, they don't call it fashion, they just call it clothes. Another unfortunate point: Many young women around here dress in a way that proves that point.
    When H and I agreed he would write on the blog every now and then, he agreed to do it on the sole condition to have complete freedom of speach. So I am unable to put censorship. He did warn me that his views can be extreme, and that is exactly the fun part.
    I understand why you got mad, and I hope that you'll still be able to see that all of this is only one opinion, a man's opinion, a Machist/sexist Man's opinion.
    No hard feelings I hope.

  3. i agree with loudina in what she said.. but i gotta admit, it was fun to read! ;p


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