Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well it's been One year already, can you believe it... it feels like a month

First year spent all together, talking everyday, sharing feelings, mood of the day, inspirations, this blog has become such a big part of my life, I feel someday so lucky to have the opportunity to share all of that, to see days after days number of visits growing, emails from readers sharing the same passion and sometimes even comments from the courageous ones ;-)

you guys are the best!

When i started this blog, i would have never thought of getting such amazing response, everyday I get to be encouraged a little more by your enthusiasm, i feel blessed

Thank you all so so much for reading my blog, for sharing my passion... I would never say it enough

I would like to thank few people in particular; my better half for his unconditional support and patience, my sister for being such an inspiration, my brother for being the first one to know about my blogging project and believing in me no-matter-what, my brother-in-law for his amazing contribution to the blog and critical sense of style, my friend yasmina for being such an amazing friend to me... love u all

Happy Birthday LDC, looking forward to a wonderful and stylish year 2!!!




  1. happy birthday to the best sister ever, you rule my (fashion) world with LDC i love u so much.


  2. wish u all the best dear , u don`t know what insprtaion u gave to my life , really am not kidding !! love your blog and keep going girl , u should know that u have huge fans here in kuwait :)

  3. Happy anniversary! Thank you for sharing your passion with us!

  4. Happy Bday !! Baby sister! Thank U to you, I always believe in you!



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