Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beauty Creatures

I realize that I reveal a large part of my life on this blog, wasn’t my intention when I started it but finally it’s tough not to involve myself. Gosh! It must be boring for you guys… you get to see me me me me me and again ME everyday!
I swear I’m not that egocentric!! I like to (gossip) talk about other people as well, today for instance, I was looking at those pictures that I’ve taken of my very good friend, and I ended up unconsciously smiling front of my screen… so let me tell you about her a little…for a change. Trust me it's worth it - She is a special kind!

My friend belongs to this category of woman that will look very feminine and sexy in a simple bathrobe. She is naturally gorgeous!
I’ve always admired her way to play zero fear with her sex appeal.

She has an efficient fashion philosophy: “I wear only outfits that make me look good or sexy, if something is in fashion but doesn’t suit my body type; well I prefer not to wear it”! Damn right I should meditate on that!!!

The first time I opened her wardrobe, well it left me a little bit perplex, full of body-con dresses, skirt, ultra slim pants, leather pants, tight jeans, monochrome, clean tight cuts, hanged by colors, only high heels (flats only for the day) etc…very structured, very mature, nothing too trendy-crazy too show-off (she is too cool for that) yet very ‘a la mode’, I have to say it does work perfectly for her!

She will always make sure to have the perfect bag matching her shoes, lipstick, hair clip, watch etc… I love this attention to details! It changes from my completely messy punkys looks!! More than 2 matching stuff and I’m close to a nervous breakdown…

She taught me how to walk across a crowed restaurant looking confident and sexy, yelled at me when my nails are not done (happens a lot!), well she simply makes me feel prettier…

You’re sexy girl!!


  1. Quelle surprise ce matin !!! parfaite description de ta copine... tu reconnais que j ai fait des efforts depuis ...?

    J arrive dans ton bureau,
    Ton blog est juste excellent !

  2. I recognize my self on her, go girls you're the perfect team!


  3. oh yeah, thats my little sist..... she is so sexy.... anyone crosses the line, i will be around... always watching over


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