Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The revival of the one-piece swimsuit

There is a gap between trends set on the catwalks and street reality.

During fashion weeks, you see fashion-professionals around the world walking around with those super super-high heels, geometric-structured vest, feather jacket etc etc… but what about ‘normal’ people?

For instance the large shoulders thingy, alright we know it’s in fashion right now but how many people can really wear that? I mean in real life? Do you actually see yourself go to a meeting wearing a volume-robot shoulder vest??? Humm I don’t think so…

Sorry let’s go back to the subject of the day: The return of the one-piece swimsuit.

The come back this summer was predicted for months, and we’ve spotted fabulous models on designer’s SS collection… but I did not really pay attention to it coz i was sure that nobody like them anymore, too Baywatch!!! We’re all traumatized by the red-Pam Andersonish-90’s one. So I thought it would be seen only on catwalks and pass…

Well I was wrong, while I was hunting for a killer-body-bikini; you know the kind of bikini that magically transforms your body, magically slimmer your waist, your belly, gives you the perfect little Brazilian butt … (??? Huh I can hear what you think)

Anyway, I tried couple of shops to finally realize that the assortment was 50/50 two pieces/one piece swimsuit…

Those 'Couture' pieces for instance, state-of-the-art of the swimwear... wow!

When you look at those gorgeous basics model from AA (American apparel), I personally found them more feminine, more detailed than a basic triangle bikini, different way to strap it around the neck or strapless, patterns, close/open back etc…
it makes you change your mind!

They are basics, extremely well cut and the colors are just right and funky.
Hop with the right accessories, a skirt/short… I would not only wear them to go to the pool!
Just too bad for the belly tan…

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