Sunday, May 3, 2009

What Else?

Ever since the sexiest actor on earth starts being the ambassador of the famous coffee brand I simply tripled my consumption of caffeine! Seriously guys how can you resist to the whole “What else” thing!! Come ‘on… I think they perfectly understand women and…men too actually.
Men subliminal message: drink it to get the charisma of Georges Clooney and women subliminal message: drink it to simply catch a men looking like Georges Clooney or even Clooney himself (he already dated a French waitress no?? so everything is possible)… told you brilliant!!

So when I heard that Nespresso was opening a showroom in Dubai Mall, a ‘showroom’ I’m telling you not a shop selling coffee machine, please don’t embarrass me … I couldn’t help but go down to Dubai 'gigantesque' Mall to (see if I could steal a large GC poster) try the latest coffee flavor and boutique chic design.

Well it’s not the most luxurious Nespresso boutique I’ve seen but still for a shop selling coffee not bad… I loved the little plexi medallion chairs display and the bright lighting (the other boutiques are usually very dark).

Ok apparently they don’t give away posters for free neither invite you for a week end with Georges in LA if you buy all the capsules and machines available in the boutique (I have asked) but they nicely offer you to taste their different espresso’s flavors, so for all coffee amateur here you go!


Ciao ciao

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  1. I was not a coffee addict but always been a fashion one so i bought my georgie machine like a robot and drug myself 4/5 times a day now...crazy no? Am I alone?



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