Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love Affair

Chloe and I is already a long love story but with the shoes is most probably the longer relationship I ever had so far.

And when I see those heels, it makes me want to immediately take my car, grab my purse, run into the boutique and shoot my credit card over the cashier faster than Calamity Jane!

Simply gorgeous, chic, feminine… they have everything the right nude color, right heels high for hectic urban life and the fabulous IT-bows.

To be associated with a mini-short and blazer the day or a fabulous evening dress at night …

The second crush is on a pair from my dear Christian, ah Christian... oh yes once again... but look at those Louboutin, come 'on who could resist... everything is perfect, sexy, juicy.... no need to talk they talk by themself!
Between my two lovers I have to choose... HELP!! I want them both!!!!

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