Monday, May 4, 2009

Laces and Red Roses

Today’s outfit is all about accessory…Accessories that spices up an outfit.
There is no other point of wearing a black dress than taking the opportunity to wear as much bling-bling possible without (almost) any faux-pas risk!!!!

I often use one accessory as base to build a whole look.
They are the best way to sign a look, precise the details, personalize a piece to reflect your personality or mood of the day.

An outfit without any accessory is for me totally incomplete, it’s like a birthday cake without candles, tea time without cookie, Demi Moore without Ashton… simply boring!!

Careful with the whole X-mas tree look though, never look too much or total look, that’s the whole trick of it.
You can’t do everything at the same time: large belt, scarf, bracelet, ring, earrings, hair band… (Except if you’re an unconditional fan of Amy Winehouse or as talented and fearless than Karl) otherwise, us common people, we have to pick up one, give it some space, choose a theme, and highlight it. Mix & Match. For instance a very girly accessory will look much better with a casual outfit (Jeans-White Tee), more spontaneous.

For the classic one, the little piece of fabric tied around the neck or the chic pendant jewelry is always a good and safe option. Maybe a little red pair of shoes? Non? Huh okay fair enough…

Let’s go back to my outfit of the day; ever since my dear friend Marie made for me this fabulous red roses hair band; I was dying to create a whole outfit around it, and what best fabric to marry with red roses than Gothic black lace flower fabric.

Contrast of romantic and darkness…

Dress Manouch / Wedges Zara / Flower Ring from Silver souq in Istanbul / Hairband hand made by Marie / Red Nail polish Sephora

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  1. A kind of hippie Jesus on the last pics ;) I lv your touch bravooo!!



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