Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MeA CulpA

I luv Marie's bag!! and jewellery (her own creation!)
I owe a huge apology to some people, no actually to one person in particular, sometimes it feels good to admit when you’re wrong… voila Sorry!!

Wow! The whole new me is impressive: going to the gym, apologizing, decreasing her daily sugar consumption, spending less… I start to like the improve 09 version!

If you remember last time I said bad stuff about H&M decision maker, well understand I was frustrated… I kind of feel bad right now coz I randomly met of one then last week and he simply saved my (fashion) life!

Last Thursday, one of the absolutely ‘no-matter-what’ wanted pieces I spotted from MW’s collection was immediately sold out (Damn I arrived at 10.12am!!!); I was completely devastated, wet eyes I was desperately asking the staff if they did not forget one piece in the storage room by mistake… pfff pathetic!
Until I heard this voice towards me: “you seem like a real fan and a loyal customer, let me see what I can do for you… MIRACLE!

I can’t give you more details, Shuuuttt it’s a secret but I’ll just tell you that day someone made a young fashionista girl very very happy!!!

Thanks a million and believe me I don’t hate you anymore!

My friends proudly leaving H&M store last Thursday with their MW collectors buys.

By the way, finally i was right, i wasn't ready to put 1,200dhs on an H&M leather jacket... maybe next time... I will try to show you very soon my finds in next 'Today's outfit' session


  1. you're beautiful when you're clear thank you for you fashion straitghtness lily!


  2. An amazing revival for an amazing and loyal fashionista, bravo!!

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  4. Hate & love, a real love story...

  5. Tout le monde ne peut qu'aimer la lily 2009..


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