Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have to say: it was about time!

While the Paris Fashion week is getting to an end, I was holding my breath waiting for the big day to come: The Chloe fashion show!

I'm a little bit excited and I couldn't wait any longer to share that with you!
Since my first fashion (financial) independence, I’ve always been a loyal lover of the brand, in particular (as many of us) of the Phoebe Philo (post Stella McCartney) era.
Every collection she designed was, for me, pure magic, pure fun, 100% fashion joy. Simple, accessible, understandable.
Not even mentioning the footwear; oh my sweet little Chloe pairs of shoes… well I used to desire them all!

Mix of feminine, fragility, chic fresh… pure neo-romantic style.
Perfect representation of the little Parisian girl! :-)

All of a sudden, pfff gone, Phoebe Philo, Chloe and my desire….

I have been waiting for couple of collections to see the enthusiasm back. After the succession of designers an disappointment, Hannah Mac Gibbon seems to finally take control of the operation, more and more in line with the core image of the brand and her status of artistic director of the house.

For the review, the last FW09 collection is overall very efficient, slightly eighties, ‘easy glamour’ (what Chloe has been missing for a while), high-waisted fluid pants, wrapped belts, blouse/maxi short, kaki, beige for the day. Perfect next winter season silhouette!

A little bit more ‘eccentric’ and sophisticated for the eveningwear with a (wonderful) black velvet combi (love this look) and others dark green velvet pants for the ‘semi-casual’ note. The final was more silky delicate, with mousseline, nude color with this stylish association of a long mousseline skirt with a blazer (heaven!!)

A big warning on the thigh-high pirates boots, laced boots and high-multi lace sandals which predicted to be IT accessories of next winter.


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  1. I never thought that such natural was possible between the Twins, thanks ms for the breath!



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