Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fashion Romance

Believe me or not but my husband is the one introducing me to Aiisha Ramadan world (he is so proud and excited when he knows something I don’t about fashion…) – we never met physically but I know her through my husband how I think never met her either... okay it’s getting a little complicated here, you know the new virtual world, the whole new virtual ‘connection’ thing!

Aiisha if you hear me it’s a call we have to meet soon!!

Anyway I did my study before going to her show and I must say I was intrigued. Aiisha is a dreamer, a romantic, a poet, a story teller… beyond her talent in designing (which she incontestably has) she has a whole universe around her. This is what I love about Aiisha, the stories behind her creations.

The show was named ‘Love Affair’, romance between fashion and jewellery, a collaboration of two talented, passionate women: Aiisha Ramadan and Victoria Casal.

Victoria Casal on the left, right Aiisha Ramadan

The set took place on the Ice Rink of Dubai Mall, which believes me brought pure magic, the fresh air, the feeling it could snow at any minute… all details were impeccable: from the stunning embroidery of the dresses, the superb Casal pieces of jewelry, the delicious pink cupcakes gently offered by smiling hostesses (very important details), the beautiful crowd, the energy of the models to the fabulous tailored Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay until the end, well as you know I’m the double booking world champion but that’s again another story…

Enough talk, my point is, when a local designer is as talented as Aiisha, it makes me proud in a way and I encourage all fashion lovers to check the love affair collection available now at Galleries Lafayette.

I forgot to bring my camera that night, the pictures are not mine… sorry

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  1. Lily, I've been there! Every word you wrote is a testiment I believe that all the people that attended would like to tell Aiisha so thanks for being our voice!!

    Aiisha, warmest wishes... thanks for a wonderful night of love on ice!


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