Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crazy (Non)Socialite Life

Even if the news is not hot from the oven, (I have so much going on recently that I don’t even have time to eat those days), just crazy, anyhow I still wanted to post a little something about a few events I went to this month, I tell you why;

1. because when something fashion happen in town I have the duty to report
2. because I told you already I’m not a party girl so when I drag my lazy person outside I better tell the whole world
3. it’s my blog and I can write whatever I want
4. I got the privilege to be invited and this deserve a note
5. Social events are the perfect reflect of the fashion scene evolution

When I attend events like the one thrown by Balmain, the local designer Aiisha Ramadan or again the new hot spot Mojo Gallery; I don’t see Dubai as ‘emerging market’ anymore but as future capital of fashion. I feel that people are more open-minded, curious, adventurous, and tolerant than before when it comes to fashion.

Glam Glam Glam

I received the invitation the day before, a little last minute I agree, but I think I was a last minute invitee (how cares its fine I’m not sensitive), anyway when I checked it I read the following;

Balmain (cool) blablabla Al Quoz (arrgggggggg) blablabla Pioneering lifestyle event (hmmmmm really??) blablabla

It’s not the first time that I see this kind of promiscuous announcement that is (very) rarely achieved.
But I don’t know this time I had a good intuition, maybe because it was Balmain… I don’t know, I was just scared to be disappointed.
Even if I was not in the mood to socialize a drink in a hand pretending to have the best time and to be in the most interesting conversation with someone I didn’t know 6 minutes earlier..
(Really not in the mood especially that I had a soiree cheese fondue waiting for me at home!!)
But for you, dear readers, I decided to go few minutes to check it out ;-)
Once arrived (after a good 16 minutes lost in Al Quoz, like you know how to read a map!!) I was straight away intrigued: a factory look-a-like gallery (Carbon 12), loud music, FW09 runway show projection, glitter, the iconic outfits with the infamous boots showcases, the unveiling of the new Evian bottle designed by Paul Smith and bunch of trend-setters at the entrance door (hummmm).

I wore an oversized blazer, a dress, my eternal Chloe boots and my new Chloe bag (I’ll tell you all about it soon) and I’m casual but neither under or over-dressed (very good sign), there was NO DRESS CODE! (wouhouuuuu)!!
I have spotted a lot of Balmain style obviously, skinny washed away jeans and shoulder jacket, but also a lot of originality like a funky flower harem pants, leopard pair of shoes (by a uber-trendy-guy) etc ect… beautiful (unusual) crowd and very cool atmosphere!

That night was a breeze of fresh air, totally glamorous, completely Balmain and you were right a pioneering lifestyle event!!

J’en veux encore!! *

Tomorrow Aiisha Ramadan and her love affair.

*I want more

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