Sunday, November 15, 2009

1.2.3... GO!

To avoid the fight, mistake, regret or waste of time, you have to go prepared... means knowing in advance what you want and which sizes you need, no time for hesitation on the spot.

If you're living on planet earth you know what i'm talking about : you know that yesterday (19th in Dubai) H&M launched its capsule collection in collaboration with Jimmy Choo.
For its first collaboration with an accessories brand, the swedish giant went red carpet glam with selection of shoes, bags and clothing for women and men!

Bon let's be honest now, when i heard the news, i was excited, the name is great but when i saw the collection preview i got all of a sudden a little sceptical.. a lot of studs, glitter, leather etc etc... and you know that those are materials to handle very very carefuly! With leather and glitter the line between chic and cheap is very thin!!!!!

I have collected opinions from aboard, friends of mine that had the privilege to check out the press collection in advance and the results are not equal. Well they were unanimous on the fact that only couple of pieces are successfuly done, none of the bags worth it (even the promisious zebra clutch), quality is okay but not wow, a little bit overpriced and not all the pieces wearable (don't forget they live in Paris, where sequins is still very tacky!)... however many of them still left the stores with a few items, so let's keep optimistic.

For those who are still looking for their winter leather jacket, the one from the collection is to be checked out!

Here a selection of my favorites (for the bags better start saving and go the real label...)

Bon Shopping!!

The studded brogues and biker boots are definitively one of my fav!

here the brogues wore by Caroline Mode

NO NO NO and No!!!!

YES and YES !!

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