Thursday, November 19, 2009

Run, Grab, Run!


9.00am First attack: the shoes!


Ladies and ladies, for the one worrying, I survived!!!!

I have to admit, itwas a tough one, nothing to do with my Williamson promenade, that one was hardcore, let me tell you exactly what happen but before i want to introduce you my fellow camarade –the winner of yesterday contest – the sweet and fresh Yousra.

What I immediately loved about Yousra was her enthusiasm, her email made me smile, no arrogance, no pretentious, just the truth… she simply wanted to go!

Yousra is 22, lived most of her life in Dubai, she just got graduated and works in finance which doesn’t allow her to fully express her creativity. She uses fashion to express her artistic side.

“The perfect way to describe my style would be a mix between Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl. I like to dress classy, can be quite preppy at times, however I also end up being high street. I love jeans, they are like my uniform. Another thing I love is accessories (bags, jewelry, scarves, shoes). I usually go big and bling with my accessories while keeping my clothes simple.These days I'm obsessed with necklaces and booties.I love sparkly things, maybe its the influence of Dubai on my bringing up. Other than that I like to be always put together, I never leave my house with an unmade face or messy hair, the perfectionist in me does not allow that. What I got from Jimmy Choo H&M was the only thing I really wanted, it was the Grey Suede Sandal type booties, as I mention I'm obsessed with booties at the moment, hence none of the sandals really appealed to me.”

She is a girl that knows exactly what she wants!

Fine now I also owe her an apology because the organization wasn’t as good as expected – they actually opened the door at 9am for everybody – invitation or not you still could make your way inside - so me and her had to run, grab, fight (pull hair), escape like everybody else!! Its okay after all, its part of the fun –
Anyway, the atmosphere was cool (not the first 6 minutes though) but after all the starving girls got their basket full, we started laughing at ourselves – gosh I’ll always be amazed with woman and shoes obsession – even when you think you’ve seen it all you can get surprise!

But we made it through and got everything we came for…I got my brogues yeah!!!!!! (They were the only shoes left I guess they are not local taste hehe)… Great team work!

We even had time to try on our stuff – I love your shoes hon, you really pull them off!

For those how couldn’t make it, don’t worry too much, for the price of the shoes (from 499 to 799aed!) wait till next shopping festival and get real Choo’s ones!!
Many of the items were way overpriced and not perfectly finished!! Its recession for god sakes…
Coming soon Sonia Rykiel!

PS: my last words will be for the sales people, who were particularly nice, smiling, helful.. they really played the game!
PS2: they served Starbucks coffee and pastries, i love dubai.. i can't wait to tell my parisian friends !


  1. OH MY GAWD!!! hahahahha =D i knew it would be a fiasco but based from your story, it must have been really fun! =D
    congrats to you, yousra and to everyone else who got themselves a little something today.
    thanks for sharing sweetie, looking forward to this story since this morning...

  2. @ maryska - lots of people but still very far from the 5 hours wait of europe... it was fun - but gosh i have never seen box of shoes disapearing that fast!!!!
    thanks so much for following ;-)

  3. I didn't know it was that crazy - and that there were a lot to choose from. When I went to Dubai Mall friday noon, all thats left were the brogues! Craaazy

  4. I'm telling you i did'nt have to fight too much for the brogues!!

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