Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Soul Mate

What a night yesterday; between a gallery opening – Mojo Gallery (what a cool name!) anyway I’ll tell you all about it later because the name is as cool as the place – local designer Aiisha Ramadan fashion show on the ice rink of Dubai Mall and 'This is It' movie projection…. Gosh I’m exhausted… and all that without my camera (forgotten at home arggggg)

But before telling you all about those fabulous art, fashion and music events – I want to dedicate today’s post to my little sis’ how is getting married this week end.

I knew it was going to happen since a couple of months ago but now that the big Day is approaching I’m freaking out a little, my stomach hurts… well she is my little sister – the one that used to drive me insane while living under the same roof (i remeber our run-chase all over the house), steal all my favorite pair of jeans and claimed she never touch them, share my dreams and my pain… but she is also the one that know me the most, I simply can’t lie to her she knows me too well… she has the worst character ever but it doesn’t matter.

She is the youngest but seems so mature sometimes; she is smart, beautiful oh so beautiful, I always admire her confidence and no-fear-of-tomorrow attitude. We are different but deep inside so similar.
I miss everyday our long conversation until sunrise about future, love... often ended by the biggest laughs...

She makes me laugh

I love her style (she often thinks I’m old fashion)

I’m proud of her (I think she is too but will never tell me)

She is my best friend

Wish you all the happiness in the world.


  1. So sweet...I'm sure you will continue spending lots of time togehter in the future, even if she is marrried. Tell her congradualtions for me please!

  2. Thank you so much i will tell her... i know but it just makes me realize that she's all grown up now - a little cheesy but time flies!


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