Monday, November 30, 2009

Inside a Women Pouch

For once I’d like to talk about beauty, I think I’ll make it a regular, anyways it’s definitively related to fashion, because 1. Sorry to be rude but whatever you wear darling it doesn’t really matter if you don’t look 'fresh' (lets remains polite please, kids are reading) 2. I know you girls love beauty!!

The only reason I don’t talk much about it, is simply because, I’m definitely not an expert…
(Can anyone let me know how to do smoky eyes pleeeeaaaaaase – it always ended up 1. me late 2. 1,625 cotton buds in the bin 3. light satin beige eyeshadow)
for a very long time my only make up routine was putting a layer of neutral gloss.
Years after years I have added up something, first the mascara (thing I can’t live without today), followed by a serious Touche Éclat and Terracotta addiction…

The fact that I hate beauty department store never helped me developing my knowledge.

Until that day, my friend, introduced me to the real concept of make up, I know I had to wait * years to become a real woman with a real make up pouch…

You want a serious tip? Next time you have your girlfriends over or next Saturday afternoon coffee hang out with your gals – do something: simply ask them to put on the table their make-up pouch.

Well sounds stupid, but only sharing your respective beauty tips will teach you more that any magazines or department store’s salesperson combine!

Its simple, face-to-face, direct, (no marketing blabla) and usually the selection is much more affordable than what they try to sell you at Harvey Nicks!

Last girls gathering, I discovered the best beauty kept secret on Earth!
The MAC Correcteur and Concealer… bye bye Touche Eclat!! You’ve been a loyal companion for many years but time for radical changes… Why nobody told me about it before!!
Why all beauty magazines assume we all know already the basic, it’s never simple, it’s always about the new revolutionary cream or foundation, I don’t want a revolution I want the base!!!!…

Bye bye panda eyes, bye bye lack of sleep proof

Darling you’re (beauty) lifesaver!!!!

* are you crazy, you really think I’m gonna tell you that ????

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