Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miroir Oh Miroir

Every morning, same ritual, same rush, same mobile snoozing and when I say every, I mean every single one!!

First of all, to put things in the right context, I am not what we can call a morning person, not that I’m mourning or yelling at anything alive, no just that I have hard time to wake up or at least look fresh… (Try to picture me with my cup of coffee under the shower…)

Leaving on time, looking fresh and good is one of my biggest challenge of the day.

You know; not having the black luggage under your eyes evidences of a short night or the pillow mark in your cheek… doesn’t look very chic isn’t…

Taking into consideration a major factor: the lack of time!!
Why time can not pass that quickly between 3pm and 6pm???
Someone can explain to me why 1 morning minute seems equivalent to 10 minutes daytime???

The Make-Up step:
Before I could easily afford to escape it I was just fine with my daily moisturizer, feeling sad for my other pal waking up at 6.30am and spending fortune on cream, lotion, exfoliant, mask, foundation, mascara, liner and other chemical torture. Probably another male invention to keep us busy and QUIET.

But now…I did the ‘no make up’ thing ones and only one time during the last couple of months, and I remember the freezing general chorus when I entered the office, first by the receptionist, then my two colleagues and finally my FedEx guy (!): ‘Are you alright darling? You look pale…’ ggrrrrrr I might live in Dubai now, have the sun everyday... well sorry but I don’t like the sun, tanning or any of those stuff. I'm pale!!! So ‘no make-up day’ PLUS JAMAIS!!

And oh by the way, do you have also an enemy-mirror, the one you try to avoid in every possible manner, the one you know you never look good in it, the one that give you the worst pale-old face ever… well mine is my car mirror! I even considered changing car because of this bloody kill-confidence-mirror but I realized that it was maybe a tiny bit too extreme…

Enough is enough I need to find the quick, perfect and quick solution to leave the house on time, looking fresh and good; yes the new fresh/ natural look. Means put make up without nobody founding out. Mesdames, after the effortlessly chic, the effortlessly beautiful!

In the morning, I have 4 mins chrono not one more not one less for the make-up step. So I have to be very pragmatic, only use the essential and the stuff that really works.

I have always been scared of foundation, traumatized by my old auntie and her geisha face or my friend Sophie with her cover-pimple-too-dark one.

Until one day, killing time at the duty free (only place I can buy cosmetics big beauty stores always scared me), buying my 12,356 tubes of Touche Éclat (dark-circle-eye killer), when I discovered my new life hero: the miracle YSL Radiant Touch base with incorporated brush… no no it's not just a gadget ,it is very useful, think about it: no brown mark on the fingers anymore!!
I remembered it from a female magazine, i loved the gold top.
Second best make-up invention after Touche Éclat and Terracotta. I tell you not an invention a revolution!

Nothing to do with the old fashion foundation, no I talking about the uncolored liquid one that just give you wonderful sheer, luminous finishing (wow!) and radiant éclat. Add to an anti-dark circle eye, little touch of rose blush on the cheeks, light shadow in my eyes, petit peu de mascara and light gloss. Et Voila I look straight fallen from the Swedish mountains…

Foundation you got me!

A demain (if I wake up on time)


  1. You're so right I'm reading you at the office lying on my desk, thanks to make me smile during this loooooong 3-6pm in Paris lily...

    see u it-girl


  2. Have we the same auntie ms?


  3. I'll book a flight now just for bring it one hihi!!


  4. I have it lily and I never do without again!!


    Lisa M

  5. I love your makeup bag lily So boudoir, where did you get it?

    A German girl in Dubai for 2 months!

  6. Eh I see we all have make up issue..

    I got it from Ginger&Lace (Wafi), check it out you can find very nice original stuff..

  7. Hi, I agree 1005 with u hun but you forgot to mention that in order to look even better with just little make up, the essentila is the Eyes lash. A good eye lash get away with everything. For example today I was not in a I put the eyes shadow day ( coze it takes me a while as I always mix 3 of them, in same coulour but dufferent shades to have an amazing result ) so I applied a nice and light foundation ( Guerlain ), the mazing Touche eclat under my eyes but also between the eyebrow and noze, this brighten the look, just a little trace of black kool under the eyes and the final touch to look glamour, the last limited edition of Lancome Gloss No 312 in sparkling fushia !!!! i m ready for the day and everyone in office tols me I look gorgeous !!!!!! Marie ( u know the headbanger one )

  8. Hey Marie:
    Absolutely, eyes are extremely important in the make-up process. actually for the day i tend to capitalize on skin tone, natural tone but evening i definitively go for intense/smoky eye look. However a good eye lash you're right is always the perfect and right touch!
    I'll try the gloss for sure..


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