Monday, March 16, 2009

Beat it

There are some outfits that transport you in a certain mood or period…They are like time machines!
Feel girly in skirt/high heels and audacious in glam rock style…

For example this jacket, well when I wear this jacket, it makes wanna dance! I’m serious guys. Not dance on any kind of music, no on Michael Jackson type of music... Beat it beat it tatatata ta ta (can you hear it too?)

Does it happen to you as well? The thing is my imagination is no limit… almost everything reminds me something, a smell, a feeling, an object, a character, a place….

That’s why I couldn’t help but put my mp3 player on, dance and jump on the street… People were kind of looking at me weird but eh who cares!!

Beat it beat it nananana beat it beat it…

Tomorrow Donna Summer hair do!

Bonne journee

Jacket H&M / T-Shirt Sandro / Harem Pants TopShop / Shoes Stuart Weitzman / Bag YSL / Headphone Sennheiser


  1. I never thought that such natural was possible between the Twins, thanks ms for the breath!


  2. Well done Lily, for this beautiful and full blog. Your articles are very interesting and pictures are beautiful! A nice trendy girl with a good photgraph, the best way!

    See you


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