Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I don’t know if we are all the same, but I’m not at all the kind of person that gets ready my outfit the night before … First of all because I will for sure change my mind the next morning, being in another mood, just remembered that I had an important meeting means that I can’t wear my new boyfriend jeans, forgot to check out the weather and that they announce the worst sandstorm ever etc etc…

I’m more the kind that will throw all her ‘potential wearable’ clothes on the bed, ending up dawning into a pile of dresses, trousers, skirts…get myself into a new obsession like ‘gosh I absolutely need right now a new turquoise sequins belt to go with this skirt.. (??)’ and being even more confused than ever like today will be the last day of my life that I’ll wear clothes!

Today, I woke up on a cartoon mood… not the manga or any modern one type. No the true Walt Disney one…

Today I wanted to play, I wanted to be a cartoon character!!!
I spent ½ hour looking for my blue vintage dots dress, remembered that it was at the tailor (length issue) grrrrr and finally found my Luella dress that I love... humm not exactly the ‘Minnie’ style… and then illumination, my red bow necklace!!!! Much much better… Yalla black round flat shoes (yes I’m late, need to run) and Dubailand here I come!

Thanks to OC for the photos.
Dress Luella / Shoes French Sole / Bow Necklace Excelsior


  1. <3 the divine necklace + the back of that dress !!!!

    xx L

  2. i love it can t wait the next update ...

  3. AAHHHHH J'avais oublié ta bouille avec les cheveux attachés!!!!

    So fashion too!!!!!



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