Thursday, March 19, 2009


Once upon a time
A little girl walking down the street
Decided to take a sweet nap in the shadow
Saw a beautiful green apple fallen from a tree
Never saw such a wonderful apple tree in this country
Wanted to taste the exquisite fruit
Delicately ate the green apple but didn’t know it was poisoned…

Dress Paul&Joe / Top vintage / Shoes Repetto / Bag Vintage / Sunglasses chloe


  1. such a mess to die in that wonderdress!!


  2. A new chic version with streets and sexy Repetto, I say yeeeess!!!!

    Minnie Mouse

  3. all that apples I'm hungry!

    Lisa waiting for the break lunch

  4. Hi lily,

    I want to buy me sunglasses but I don't know if wayfarer are still in or not and I don't get the trend of this summer, can u help me pleaaaaaaaaaaase!

    A fashion soul in pain

  5. Hey, wayfarer and trend is a delicate subject for me coz i have about 6 pairs all different colors... I just love them I can't help it! it's a timeless model, doesn't go out of fashion. If you want to be sure go for the black gents one (valeur sure!)

  6. I've Through all your articel here, i really love them all. Your writing, your photos and of course your style.
    I will ask you for some advise when loose idea for what i have to wear as sometimes i always feel that i dont have enough clothes but actually i have disfunctional wardrobe....please help me by keep updating this Blog...thanks a lots...xx


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